Barbie Cakes

Order the Best Barbie Cake in Gurgaon from Gurgaon Bakers

Order the best Barbie themed birthday cakes in Gurgaon and watch your little girl’s eyes light up with joy!

Barbie Cakes

Barbie – the original stylish diva and fashion icon! Is there any girl who hasn’t played with Barbies while growing up? Stylish, confident, and oh so pretty – it’s no wonder that Barbie is the iconic role model for girls of all generations.

At Gurgaon Bakers, we have a vast collection of Barbie-themed party cakes. Whether you’re looking for a classic 3D Barbie dress cake or a Barbie photo cake, we’ve got it all. Our Barbie cakes are available for delivery across Gurgaon and are shipped to you in perfect condition. Order the best Barbie themed cakes in Gurgaon and watch your little girl’s eyes light up with joy!

Delight your Little Princess with a Pretty & Tasty Barbie Cake

No matter how young or old a daughter is, she’s always a little princess for her doting mama and papa. To them, she will forever remain the little girl in pigtails, pretty dresses, playing with her dolls. On this birthday, surprise your little princess with an adorable Barbie cake. A perfect birthday party requires a perfect cake. At Gurgaon Bakers, we have an array of exquisitely handcrafted birthday cakes designed to match each client’s tastes.

If you’re looking for the perfect cake for little girls (and big girls who are always young at heart), then you cannot go wrong with our Barbie doll cake.

Why is a Barbie Cake the perfect choice for a girl’s birthday party?

There is a reason why certain cakes are called a classic. The Barbie doll cake is one of our trending best-sellers that is perfect for girls’ birthday parties.

Elegant, charming, and life-size: our Barbie doll cake is shaped just like a pretty Barbie with a flowing ball gown. The dress worn by Barbie is made of cake and covered with a frosting of your choice. You can customise the cake flavour, frosting, and colours to match your daughter’s tastes and to complement the theme of your party.

Another reason why little girls adore a Barbie cake on their birthday is that they get a doll to play with after the party. Yes, each Barbie cake has a real doll, which you get to keep after eating the cake. Just wipe it clean, add a dress, and your daughter has got a new toy to play with.

Order Last-Minute Barbie Cake Online in Gurgaon

We all can agree that life can get pretty hectic at times. Office, work, household duties, and much more can make us forget our loved one’s birthday at times. Have you forgotten your little princess’ birthday? But don’t want to disappoint her!

Gurgaon Bakers are here to your rescue! Our team of talented and passionate bakers can create a doll cake for your little princess on the same-day. We take last-minute order for a Barbie doll cake in Gurgaon. Just place your order online before 6:00 pm, and we can deliver it on the same day. We offer home delivery anywhere in Gurgaon. So, you don’t have to worry about rushing in peak traffic to collect the cake.

Place an order for a cute Barbie cake online and let our team of bakers and cake decorators handle the rest. Your cake is delivered in sturdy cardboard boxes, right to your doorstep! So, what are you waiting for? Order the best Barbie cake in Gurgaon and delight your little angel.

Not just Barbie cakes, we also offer a vast range of other girls’ birthday cakes for home delivery. Some of our best-selling girls’ birthday cakes include castle cakes, cartoon cakes, unicorn cakes, My Little Pony cakes, princess cakes, photo cakes, Masha Bear cakes, Ben and Holly cakes, Princess Sofia cakes, animal-themed cakes, and much more.

Browse our gallery for design inspiration and surprise your little daughter with a tasty and adorable birthday cake that she will remember for years to come.

Barbie Cake Description

Our Barbie doll cake is widest at the base and can feed 15 – 20 people.
Choice of vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, pineapple, red velvet, black forest, or white forest for the cake base.
Choice of 2 – 3 colour schemes for the dress of the Barbie doll. The cake decorator will create beautiful swirls for the dress of the doll using your choice of frosting.
Toy doll included with each Barbie cake.
You can customise Barbie cakes with additional fondant, numbers/words, and other decorations. Get in touch with our team for further customisations.

How to cut a Barbie cake?

This is one of the most common questions that our clients ask us. Cutting a tall cake is no easy feat, and Barbie doll cakes are exceptionally tall. Worry not; our expert bakers are here to help you out.

  • Make a vertical cut starting from the top of the doll’s gown till the knife reaches the cake board.
  • Then make another parallel cut and let the tall cake slice rest horizontally on a tray.
  • Slice this piece into smaller pieces and serve to your guests.
  • Keep working your way around the gown of the Barbie doll till all your guests are served.
  • Box up the remaining cake after cutting it similarly.

We recommend that you don’t remove the doll from the cake until the party is over as the cake can feel empty without the doll. Once the party is over, you can wash the doll with lukewarm soapy water and give it to your little one to play with.