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Surprise Popping Box Cake

You can surprise your Loved Ones with a Gift Hidden Inside their Cake!

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Looking to surprise your loved one with a thoughtful gift on their birthday? Now, hide the gift in the cake! Yes, you read that right! Our surprise popping box cake turns your regular birthday cake into a surprise hidden inside gift cake.

The popping stand hides sneakily inside the cake and is covered with frosting. From the outside, the cake looks just like a regular one. Pop the secret button and the gift comes outside, giving your loved one the ultimate surprise.

You can hide money, a new phone, jewellery, concert tickets, car keys, gift cards, gender reveal or even propose to your loved one using the hidden storage compartment inside the cake. The surprises are endless! Just send us the gift (or we can even select the gift for you) and we’ll hide it masterfully inside the cake!

**The size of the gift box inside the cake is 2.75” x 6”. It can fit gift/notes smaller than this size.**


Is the popping stand electronic?

No. The stand doesn’t require electricity nor is it battery operated. It operates with a simple internal spring mechanism, just like a popping children’s toy.

Will the gift be damaged by the frosting?

No. Your gift is secured safely inside a plastic tube. The frosting is placed only outside so your gift will not be damaged.

Is the popping stand reusable?

Yes. It is washable and reusable. You can clean it and use it for other homemade cakes.



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