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7 Food Delivery Etiquette Tips to Keep in Mind while Ordering Food Online in Gurgaon

We are all aware of restaurant dining etiquettes. In a restaurant, the waiter brings us our meal, has a sparkly conversation with us and can even help us choose the best items from the menu. We thank our waiters and tip them generously before leaving the restaurant.But what about those people who deliver our food […]


4 Fail-Proof Cake Recipes for Absolute Beginners

Are you a beginner baker? Does the thought of measuring ingredients, baking and frosting intimidate you? Worry not! Gurgaon Bakers, the best online bakery is here to your rescue.One of the questions that we get asked often is, “Which is the easiest cake for an absolute beginner?” in this post, we list out the recipes […]

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Gift a Cake Online in Gurgaon from the Best Bakery in the City

Surprise your loved one, family member or friend with a surprise cake delivery. Gift a cake online in Gurgaon and make your loved ones feel cherished and loved on their special day. Gift a Cake Online in Gurgaon from the Best Bakery in the City Is it your boyfriend/girlfriend’s birthday? Do you stay far away? […]


10 Best Cakes in Gurgaon: Order Cakes Online & Enjoy Home Delivery

Let there be cake! So, you’ve decided on the venue, prepared the guest list and finalised the theme and party. So, what’s left over? The one thing that sets the tone for the party? It’s of course, the cake! Wondering which is the best cake in Gurgaon? Guess no more! In this post, we list […]


The Baker’s Handy 15 – The Must-Haves in Every Home Baker’s Kitchen

If you love baking and want to try your hand in creating the best cakes, cupcakes and brownies, the easiest way is to – just dive right in! Baking need not be a complicated affair – with the right tools at hand, you can create amazing, yummilicious baked treats and impress your friends and family! […]



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