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Planning to Order a Cake in Gurgaon? 5 Incredible Reasons to Do It Online

Planning to Order a Cake in Gurgaon? 5 Incredible Reasons to Do It Online A celebration without a cake is incomplete A decade ago, cakes were ordered only on birthdays. But today cakes have become the centre piece in several celebrations in Gurgaon – anniversaries, housewarming, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, Diwali, Eid, corporate events […]


Top 5 Frosting Styles for Birthday Cakes in Gurgaon

Are you planning to get a birthday cake delivered? But, not sure what type of cake to order? There are a ton of decisions that go into ordering the PERFECT cake – design, flavour, topping, filling and most importantly the frosting. It’s the frosting that transforms a cake from good to spectacular. The frosting not […]

freshly baked teatime cakes in gurgaon

Freshly Baked Teatime Cakes in Gurgaon to Indulge During the Rainy Weather

The monsoon season is here! The pitter – patter of raindrops brings a sweet melody to my lips, a spring in my step, and unexplained happiness in my heart! Have you ever felt the same? In fact, some of the best memories are made when the sky is pouring outside. We all love to jump, […]


Order a Customised Cake in Gurgaon That Matches the Theme, Style & Mood of your Celebration

Growing up, do you remember those times when birthdays meant a square/rectangle cake with clumpy icing from the local bakery? Today, the Indian baking scene has evolved so much that customized cakes, themed cupcakes, patisserie delicacies are now within our reach. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a metro city like Gurgaon or reside […]


Gifting Flowers and Cakes in Gurgaon – The Symbolism Behind Flowers & Cake Flavours

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, wishing your friend a happy birthday, saying goodbye to a colleague or surprising your loved one on their special day, a flower bouquet and a freshly baked cake is a great way to express your love and say that you truly care. With hundreds of cakes and dozens of flowers, […]


5 Best Reasons to Order Cake Online in Gurgaon

“Life is too short, to say no to cake.” Today, cakes are the centrepiece of any occasion. Be it a kids’ birthday party, a 60th anniversary celebration, a baby shower, a housewarming party, a corporate gala – the celebration is incomplete without cutting a cake and enjoying the sweet treat. Thanks to digital India, today […]



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