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Chocolate Or Red Velvet Gift Cake Online

Chocolate Or Red Velvet? Which Is A Better Gift Cake Online?

It is not fair that one has to choose between the yummy chocolate and the classy red velvet. They are both equally delicious and we don’t mind feasting on both. The deep red color of red velvet cake is a delight to look at. While chocolate cake is an absolute joy to eat. And when you have to choose between the two for a gift cake online, we hope this blog can help you decide.

What Is Red Velvet Cake?

What Is Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet brings an interesting history with it. While many dispute that it is a creation of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in the 1920s, some believe that it came to be during the Great Depression. Adams Extract, a food coloring company, seems to have created this cake as a marketing strategy.

If you don’t want to use chemical colors, a combination of cocoa powder, vinegar and buttermilk can help you achieve the deep red color of this beauty.

So Red Velvet is basically Chocolate cake in disguise!

Chocolate Cake In Disguise

But the cream cheese frosting and the buttercream frost on red velvet has its own fan base. The cream cheese frosting is light and fluffy and the buttercream frost is rich and indulgent. But can it compare to the chocolate ganache or fresh cream frosting on chocolate cakes? That’s still debatable.

Red velvet cake is also much softer and crumbly than chocolate cake. Chocolate cake tends to be denser. Are we closer to deciding which is the better choice for a gift cake online? Not yet? Let’s give you some more insights.

Dessert Options With Red Velvet

dessert options with red velvet

Red velvet flavor is not limited to cakes. We now have red velvet ice cream, red velvet cupcakes, red velvet cheesecakes, red velvet cake pops, red velvet cookies, and even red velvet pancakes. I think we now have a complete list of desserts to throw a red velvet themed birthday party for your bestie!

Chocolate cake is like our first love. We can’t live without it. No matter how many new flavors come, it will always be our comfort food. Red velvet cake is a perfect contrast to the classic chocolate. Ready to place that gift cake online order?

The Bottomline – Choose chocolate if you want to play safe. Nothing can go wrong with a triple layer Choco Truffle, or the rich and indulgent Choco Mousse cake. But if you want to try something different, like give a twist to your cake story, then red velvet is the way to go. It’s a little more daring, and the cream cheese frosting is going to melt in your mouth.

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