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ways to pack your gifts


We, here at Gurgaon Bakers, believe that the best gifts are the ones that are edible. The soft gingerbread cookies you can share with your neighbour, the pound cakes you can ship to your cousin in a remote corner of the country, the chewy caramels to take to office to leave on your desk for your colleagues to enjoy, the hot chocolate mix you can gift to your kid’s teacher or a last-minute granola jar to thank your hostess – there’s no doubt that,

“Baked Goodies are the best way to brighten up someone’s day.”

In today’s article, you can find a veritable feast of ideas on how to make your baked goodies look extra-special while gifting. Not a baker? No worries, just pop into our bakery, pick your favourite goodies and pack them in your favourite style.

With the festive season, Dusshera, Puja and Diwali around the corner, it’s time to pull out the tapes, scissors, wrapping paper and get your Martha Stewart on! Two left thumbs? Or an ace crafter? Whatever be your art quotient, 

we’ve got something for everyone!

Super Easy Ways to Pack your Baked Goodies, Perfect for Gifting

Mini Buckets for packing gifts


You would have come across these tiny pails in online stores or your neighbourhood supermarket. They come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and materials. These have a handle and can be placed on your desk or table.

Just place the baked goodies in it and wrap a ribbon around the top. Voila, you have created a super-cute gift bucket that doesn’t cost much. A few pointers:

      • If you’re filling it up with greasy and sticky foods, make sure that you line the bottom of the bucket, so that the grease doesn’t spoil the container.
      • If your baked goodies aren’t individually wrapped, you can place them all here and wrap a cellophane paper over the bucket.

Ideal for: Cookies, homemade candies, and chocolate barks.

Mason Jars for packing Gifts

Mason Jars

These are one of the trendiest ways to pack baked goodies right now. Just open up Pinterest, and you can find a huge number of pins with mason jars. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The prices tend to vary depending on the size and brand. One of the biggest draws of mason jars is that they can be reused even after your goodies are consumed.

Just place the baked goodie in the jar, cover the top with a patch of cloth and screw the lid. You’re done. You can use markers to scrawl a note on the top or add ribbons to spruce it up.

Ideal for: Nuts, Cookies, Candies, homemade flavoured salt, sugars, and seasoning.

Food Jars for Gift packing

Food Jars

Looking for a cheaper alternative to mason jars? Check out candle jars, baby food containers, and other jam jars lying around the house. Wash it thoroughly to remove any fragrances and soak it in water to remove the labels. Let it air dry, and you’ve got a stunning jar without spending a penny.

One of the best features of using these jars is that they come with an airtight seal. This means the goodies you gift in these stay fresh for longer. You can always pretty them up with a colourful ribbon, handwritten cards and so on.

Ideal for: Jams, Preserves, and Jellies.

Glass Bottles for packing

Glass Bottles

If you love gifting homemade sherbets, syrups and other flavoured oils and extracts to your loved ones, then opt for glass bottles.

Visit your local market, and you can pick cheap glass bottles of different shapes for cheap. Wrap them with ribbons for a festive look.

Ideal for: Flavourings and syrups

Tins for gifts packing


This one is a bit expensive but is sure to give an elegant look to your gifts. They are available in a wide variety of colours, patterns, and sizes. While they look charming on their own, you can also take things a notch higher by using ribbons and tags.

Ideal for: Candied Nuts, Cake slices, and cookies

Cellophane paper is used as treat bags

Treat Bags

These are an excellent way to create awesome goodie bags with things you have lying around the house. All you need is plain cellophane paper. Shape it in the form of a cone, add in your goodies and tie it up with ribbons.

Another option is to use organza bags instead of cellophane paper. These bags are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Alternatively, you can make use of cellophane paper to wrap your goodies to look like candy. Place the edible gift in the centre of a piece of paper. Tie a knot on either end to make it seem like a giant, yummy, edible candy.

Ideal for: When you have to make plenty of gifts for a party or your kiddo’s class

Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes

You can find gift boxes at your local stationery or online. Some expensive options even have greaseproof lining inside. This prevents your baked goodies from leaking grease on the boxes and damaging the packaging.

For a quirky and inexpensive option, you can make use of plain takeout boxes or even foil boxes. Spruce them up with a beautiful ribbon or hand-written cards.

Ideal for: Whole Cakes or a bunch of cupcakes

Serving dishes used as Gifts

Individual serving dishes

This is a cute way to wrap small goodies. Place them in individual serving dishes like beautiful glass or china bowls or colourful ramekins and cover them with cellophane paper, colourful ribbons and cards.

Ideal for: Puddings, mousses, and cupcakes

And before, we wrap-up today’s post (pun intended), we would like to share some tips for gifting edible goodies to your friends and family.

◊ Always consider the receiver’s taste preferences. For instance, if you know that your buddy doesn’t like mint, it would really bum her to receive a package of homemade mint brownies. So, factor in the tastes of the receiver to help you choose the right gift. If you aren’t sure of the preferences of the receiver, then it’s better to stick with classic flavours like vanilla, chocolate that are crowd pleasers.

◊ If you’re packing greasy foods like bars or brownies, make sure to use parchment/butter/plastic paper to prevent your packages from getting a greasy look.

◊ A card with a personal message is sure to enhance the appeal of your gifts. This makes the receiver feel loved and cared.

◊ One important factor to note when gifting edible goodies is the quality of the ingredients. Since you’re gifting treats to your loved ones, you have to ensure that no one ends up with an upset tummy after consuming the goods. Make use of quality ingredients. If you’re buying goodies, then always choose a baker who is known for their high-quality, healthy and flavourful goodies.

◊ If you’re mailing edible gifts, make sure to check out the policies of the shipping company. Also, mention that it’s edible right on the package, thereby minimising the chances of damage.

Now, that you’ve checked out super-creative ways to package your edible goodies, make it a point to gift yummy baked goodies to your friends and family this festive season and make them go Wow!!!

Not a home baker? Or don’t want to stress yourself in front of the oven during the holidays? No worries, just ring up Gurgaon Bakers to place your orders and leave the rest to us. We’ll bake and pack your goodies just like you wish it to be!!



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