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frosting the cupcake


Baking Trends come and go, but what remains constant is that “Cupcakes are the ultimate comfort food.” Birthdays, kitty parties, breakups – there’s no occasion which is unsuitable for a cupcake piled high with yummy buttercream frosting.

“Frosting is the final touch that turns a regular cupcake into a culinary masterpiece.”

Have never wielded a piping bag before? Or don’t own even a single piping tip? Worry not, make use of these three insanely simple ways to frost your cupcakes.

Before we dig in, let’s take a look at a few FAQ of cupcake frosting:

1. What’s the difference between icing and frosting? Are they the same?

icing and frosting

Technically No! Very often we hear both these terms used interchangeably. The icing is a thin glaze that’s poured over cakes and other desserts, while frosting is thick and fluffy.

2. How much frosting should I make?


It depends on the style of frosting you’re about to use. If you’re spreading or dipping a cupcake into frosting, then you’ll need around two to three tablespoons (42 grams) of icing for each cupcake. If you’re using a piping bag, then you’ll need around five to six tablespoons (70 grams) of icing for each cupcake.

3. Why does every baker say that you have to cool the cupcakes before you can frost them?

cool the cupcakes

If you apply frosting on top of a warm cupcake, it can either cause the icing to slide off or even melt. So, make sure that your cupcakes are completely cool, before you start frosting.

3 Super-Simple Ways to Frost Cupcakes

1. Spreading – Quick and easy, you don’t need any specialized equipment for this method

equipment for this method

You need a small offset spatula to spread frosting evenly. If you don’t have it, take any knife that has a broad blade like a sandwich spreader or butter knife.

Start by holding the knife in your right hand and the cupcake in the left (vice versa if you’re left-handed). Holding the cupcake in your hand lets, you spread the frosting evenly all over the top.

Use the spatula/knife to scoop up some frosting. Place the frosting in the centre of the top of the cupcake. Spread towards the edges. Smooth the frosting with the blunt edge of the spatula.

Alternatively, you can also rotate the cupcake to cover all the sides.

That’s it; you have created your very own bakery-style frosted cupcakes.

2. Dipping – This method works perfectly when you want to glaze your cupcakes


This style is ideal for glazes like chocolate ganache. Start by making your preferred style of ganache. See that it’s warm but not too hot.

Firmly, hold the cupcake upside down. You should have a good grasp at the base. Dip the top of the cupcake into the ganache and see that it’s covered evenly.

Slightly twist your wrist and pull the cupcake out of the ganache. This ensures that excess icing falls back.

Let the cupcake dry on a baking sheet, till the ganache sets.

This is another easy style that gives you beautiful cupcakes with minimal effort.

3. Piping – Ideal for frosting an entire batch of cupcakes


Don’t let piping scare you. It’s time to tackle the dragon by its horns.

If you want to make some decorative patterns on top of your cupcakes, then piping is the way to go. Also, piping is easy when you have to frost plenty of cupcakes.

Piping is nothing but filling a bag with frosting and then squeezing it to get the frosting out through the attached tip. Depending on the tip, you can create simple swirls to elaborate flower patterns and much more.

How to fill a piping bag with frosting?

fill a piping bag

Start by placing the bag in a tall glass or any cup you have lying around the kitchen. Fold the edges of the bag over the edges of the glass.

Now use a spatula to scoop up the frosting into the bag. Make sure that you don’t fill more than two-thirds of the bag. Remember that you can always top up your piping bag as and when needed. Having a full bag makes it difficult to frost and strains your hands unnecessarily.

Now, take the bag out of the glass and close the top with a twist-tie. Or twist the top and keep the end under your palm, while piping.

How to pipe the frosting on the cupcake?

pipe the frosting on the cupcake

Place your cupcake on a table-top or your work counter. Hold the piping bag in your dominant hand. For added control, gently rest your left index finger on the piping tip (right index finger for left-handers). Your right hand will squeeze the frosting out of the bag, while your left will guide it.

Top Four Easy Ways to Pipe Frosting on a Cupcake:

What do you need?


Freshly baked cupcakes

  • A batch of American or Swiss Meringue Buttercream
  • Piping bags
  • Medium Round Tip or Medium Star Tip (for now, you can start with these two basic tips and add more to your collection, as you gain confidence)

i. Classic Cupcake Swirl

Cupcake Swirl

Use a medium star tip and fill your piping bag with classic buttercream. Start from the outer edge of your cupcake and slowly frost around the circumference. As you complete one circle, slowly spiral inward. Finish off with a little peak in the middle.

ii. Rosettes


With minimal effort, you can make your cupcakes look Instagram worthy. Fit a piping bag with a medium star tip. Start from the centre of the cupcake and work your way outwards in small circles, till you cover the entire top.

iii. Hydrangeas


You’ll need a medium star tip for this. Start from the middle of the cupcake and pipe small dots all over. Firmly press your piping bag and see that there’s no gap between the dots. For added height, you can add another row of dots on top of the first ones.

iv. Ice-cream swirl

Niche product

This one’s high on frosting and makes your cupcakes look like classic soft-serve ice-creams. You’ll need a medium plain tip for this one. Start from the outer edges and pipe around the circumference. Continue inward and finish off with a small peak at the centre.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

If you’ve envied master bakers frost cupcakes just like that, it’s because they’ve spent hundreds of hours practicing. While frosting cupcakes is super-easy, you need to put in some bit of practice.

Before, you start working on cupcakes, whip up a batch of dummy buttercream frosting (you can use Vanaspati/Dalda instead of butter, the only catch you won’t be able to eat your practice frosting). Practice on parchment paper, so that you feel comfortable holding the piping bag.

Even while practicing on cupcakes, it’s ok to goof up. Just scrape the frosting with a spatula and start again.

Frosting is fun! Just play with it, and in no time, you’ll be creating cupcakes that get the likes rolling in. Why not try Cupcakes online at Gurgaonbakers? Just Whatsapp us @ +91-989-9988-185 to check out the available options and designs. GurgaonBakers is the leaders when it comes to customised cupcakes online in Gurgaon. Check out our gallery to drool over our creations!



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