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Usually, we buy a cake for our dear one’s birthday or any special occasion. We wait eagerly for the day of the occasion, visit a bakery near us and choose the cake from the display. Add a message and surprise them Ta-da!!

You get your cake but wait it’s not simple as it sounds. You have to search for a baker in the local market and to park your vehicle (hope there is a parking space). Apart from that, you have to be nimble enough to travel with your special cake in heavy dusty traffic and pray to all the Gods hoping that your cake reaches the venue in one piece!

Does that sound like a tough job?

Yes, it does, if we can order clothes online in just a few taps or clicks, why shouldn’t we order cake online? Yes, now you can order your cake online!

At Gurgaon Bakers, you can order a cake, in your favorite flavor and design. We are here to make sure that you bring a big smile on your loved ones on their special day without any stress.

Nowadays most of the people live away from home for work or may have to be out of town for a business meeting or some other reasons. Maybe you are far away from your home town and have no idea how to order a cake for your dear ones in a big city like Gurgaon. It doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the key moments in your life. With a few easy steps, you can make sure that the special day has its own sweet surprise. You just need to pre-order the cake. Gurgaon Bakers makes sure that the cake is delivered on your doorstep.

We make sure your joyful events like birthday, retirements, christening, weddings, and wedding anniversaries don’t miss delicious cakes. You don’t have to seek out to buy a cake during these key moments of your loved ones.

We offer customised wedding cake delivery services to brides who are far away from their home and want to have the best wedding cakes on their D-day. They might not have time to sit and discuss with the baker about their cake. We make sure there are no such worries, brides can contact us through Whatsapp or drop a mail to us about their dream cake, or order wedding cake online in Gurgaon right on our site.

Apart from that brides can have tasting sessions and get introduced to classic flavors like vanilla to the new flavors like lemon, rasamalai, cheesecakes, to make sure that brides get their magical wedding cake for their D-Day. The couple has no worries about the cake after that; the cake will be delivered to the venue at the right time.

I am sure all birthday babies would love midnight parties. We also have midnight cake delivery to pull off a birthday surprise. Just give us the details on Whatsapp we make sure the cake is on time at the venue.

Whether you are planning a family get-together, a beach party, a romantic weekend or going to propose, you can pre-book a cake, and the cake will be delivered to the venue. If you are planning a trip to Gurgaon, make sure you plan the cake before you start traveling. We also offer express delivery.

So what do our customers ask us often when they order a cake with us?

1. How do the cakes get delivered?

cake transported properly

The cakes are delivered in most hygienic and safe conditions. Our cakes don’t have any preservatives so everyone from toddlers to grannies and granddads can munch on our cakes without any worries. Our cakes are known for their freshness and softness even after the special day. Make sure to store leftover cakes safely to preserve their freshness.

2. Where do you deliver?

cake deliver in Gurgaon region

We only deliver in Gurgaon region. For a detailed list of all the locations, we deliver to, get in touch with our customer care team.

3. How much is the birthday cake?

birthday cake

We don’t make cookie-cutter cakes. We design our cakes to match customer requirements. The cost of each cake depends on the choice of the customer including flavour, design, and size.

4. Can I have a customized cake apart from the cake on site?

customized cake

Nothing delights us more than having to design a cake from scratch. Yes, you can drop us a mail or ring us to get a clear idea about customized cakes.

Customer satisfaction is important to us; we have introduced birthday party catering to make sure you celebrate the birthday rather than worrying about the catering service. You can welcome your guests and relax without worrying about the food at the party. To add more fun to the party, you can opt for cupcake decoration. Cupcakes are a huge hit among young party goers.

I am sure the shopping experience at our site is smooth and joyful. The services are clearly defined and segmented and made clutter free. Our online payment is safe and secure with payTM and PayU. We also have cash on delivery.

Not only ordering cake we also have cake baking classes to bring out the baker in you. You can shine among your friends with your culinary skills. If you are interested, you can transform your passion into profession.

Bringing a smile to your faces on big moments of your life has been and will be the main reason for Gurgaon Bakers being the No 1 site for cakes in Gurgaon. If you have plans to order cake next time Whatsapp us on +919899988185 or mail us at

Let’s Eat Cake!



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