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Birthday cakes


Let’s show a little love for the summer babies. Having a summer birthday is a gift; you don’t have to worry about test papers, exams or anything else. Most of your friends would be at home in the holidays. You can have a great party at the poolside or in a park, or at home.

Summer is a great time to celebrate a birthday. You have a good chance of enjoying the sunshine, warm weather and can host an epic birthday party for your loved one. Who doesn’t enjoy a poolside party or summer house party with birds chirping? To add to the celebrations, we present you with some amazing cakes for a summer birthday.

If you are in search of the best birthday cake in Gurgaon, we have some amazing yummy cakes from Gurgaon Bakers. You can trust us with the cake for the most special day of the year we will leave no stone unturned to make it a great one.

Just to add on we are also ready to provide midnight and express deliveries anywhere in Gurgaon. Choose from a wide range of flavours, fillings, themed cakes, egg/eggless cakes, and more. So let’s look into five epic birthday epic cakes for a summer birthday party.

1. Beach Party Birthday Cake

The first thought that comes to our mind when we think about summer is the beach, surfing, fun, sand, and ball; we have all the elements in our most popular summer cake. Most of the summer babies enjoy their summertime in the seaside. If your dear one is a beach person, then the Gurgaon Bakers Beach party birthday cake is a perfect choice.

The cake reminds us of the great spirit of a great adventure on the waves and brings back fond memories of memorable beach vacation of yesteryears. We have tried to add all the elements your beach memories like beach chair, flip-flops, coconut tree, and of course the sand. The cake is designed in such a way it is breezy and carefree yet sophisticated and epic at the same time.

The cake is frosted with yummy buttercream and crushed cookies. Fondant is also used to bring the beach element to the cake.

If you want to book a beach party birthday cake for your dear one, then visit Gurgaon bakers.

2. Colourful Gravity-Defying Birthday Cake

If your kid is interested in science and loves asking questions and is curious, then the colourful Gravity-Defying Birthday Cake is a great choice. This cake has been one of the popular birthday cakes of 2019. Kids love the cake for the unique design and colorful elements in them.

Here at Gurgaon Bakers, we assure you that this cake will bring smiles on your child’s face and will increase the enjoyment of the day. We have added small colourful candies and chocolate sticks to make the cake more attractive and eye-catchy.

You can choose the shape of the cake – it can be a circle, floral, heart, rectangle, or square. The cake is designed to fit perfectly to your taste.

If you wish to place a colorful birthday cake as your order to visit our site and select the weight, shape, date, time, and other important details.

3. White Cream Cake With Buttons

White cream cake with buttons is a perfect choice for your dear one if he/she likes white and daisy flowers. The cake is detailed with a beautiful border of flowers and edible buttons in pink, mustard yellow and blue color. The cake is also detailed with a sewing needle to give a chic look to the cake.

Our customers have given us rave reviews about the cake, and taste. The white cream cake with sewing buttons is frosted with vanilla bean almond buttercream. The cake is soft and fresh at doorsteps when you place the order. The cake is a perfect birthday cake for every age birthday babies from kids to elders.

Place your order soon at Gurgaon Baker’s website.

4. Creamy Sparkling Birthday Cake

What fun is a birthday without sparkles? Choose our creamy sparkling birthday cake for an energetic and fantastic birthday party. The cake looks good with amazing details like edible flowers and nuts. To add more sparkle to the cake, sparkles are being used to bring up light to the party.

The cake is mainly designed to attract college-going youngsters and girls. The cake is designed with feminine colours like pink, purple, and yellow. The flavor given to the cake is a treat to all the cake lovers. It has layers of cake, crushed meringues, Swiss buttercream, lemon curd, and sparkle boom.

If you want boom magic to the birthday party of your dear one, make sure to place your order at Gurgaon bakers.

5. Creamy Dripping Effect Birthday Cake

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant birthday cake, the creamy dripping effect birthday cake is the best option. The creamy dripping effect birthday cake has been a popular choice for many youngsters and girls.

The cake is given a purple and white combination. The color is one main feature that makes cake attractive. To add more attractiveness macaroons, strawberries and rose are added. The dripping effect created by the cream is the highlight of the birthday cake.

To get a creamy dripping effect birthday cake at your doorstep visit and the weight and shape you want for dear one birthday.

Which of these cakes is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below. Now you are all set to order a cake for dear one’s birthday.

If you want to customize themed birthday cakes in Gurgaon, get in touch with our expert bakers. You can drop us a mail at or give us a ring at +91-98999-88185.



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