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If you’re new to baking or an experienced baker looking to update your arsenal or someone looking for a great gift for a friend who loves to bake, then this guide is perfect for you.

In India, just a few years back, bakeries were limited in their offerings. A few round cakes and a couple of savoury goodies, you could call it a day. But, recently the baking scene has witnessed a massive transformation. From cupcakes in a huge array of flavours to exotic macaroons, new-age bakeries have everything that you may find in a quaint little Parisian café in France.

This has led to the increase in the number of home bakers who are trying their hands at whipping out baked goodies for their friends and family. With an increasing interest in baking, the tools and gadgets available in the market have also grown.

Now, we come to the crossroads of baking shopping – should you go ahead and get the entire set of tools in the market or try creating cakes with the existing pans and cutlery in your kitchen?

In this post, we list out the ten essential tools that every baker should own. Once, you master the fundamentals, you can add other items to this list as and when needed.

Grab a notepad and get started.

#1: Cake Tins and Pans

To bake perfect cakes and cupcakes, you definitely need good baking pans. Try to invest in a couple of non-stick baking pans in different shapes to get started. You may have come across colourful silicon pans. However, they aren’t good for distributing heat evenly. So, stick to non-stick pans 😉

A springform tin is perfect for cheesecakes, and muffin tins work for both cupcakes and muffins. Also, try to include a few cookie sheets to bake yummy cookies, shortbreads, and biscuits.

#2: Baking Paper and Non-Stick Spray

No one wants a broken cake or a crumbly cookie that sticks to the sheet. Lining your pans with plain ol’ baking paper will prevent your cakes from sticking to the pan. Also, you can wrap baked goodies like a cookie in the baking paper while gifting your friends.

If you’ll be baking cakes in different shapes that have sharp corners and small edges, invest in a good can of baking spray or make your own baking spray at home, to get perfect shaped cakes every time.

#3: Measuring Cups and Spoons

Baking is a science and eyeballing ingredients doesn’t work here. So, make sure to get good measuring cups and spoons, to help you get the exact amount. When measuring dry ingredients like flour, sugar, always level off with the back of a knife and don’t compact them by stuffing the measuring cup directly into the ingredient. Instead use a spoon, to add in the dry ingredients to the cup.

#4: An army of Spatulas & Whisks

These humble tools are an extension of your arm while baking. You can mix, beat, stir and even spread frosting on cupcakes with them. A silicon spatula is great when you want to scrape batter from the edges of your mixing bowl. Make sure to get a high-quality spatula that will last for years.

#5: Cookie Scoops

Every baker needs at least one of these. Find a scoop with a hinged mechanism that lets your dough fall easily from the scoop. You can measure equal sized cookie batter and filling up cupcake tins is so easy with a good quality scoop.

#6: Mixing Bowls

Nesting bowls are easy to store and come in different sizes. Bowls with a grip at the bottom don’t move around the counter when you are in the midst of whipping your batter.

#7: Measuring Jugs

These transparent jugs with measurements along the sides are lifesavers and help you measure wet ingredients in a jiffy. Also, you can put them in the microwave to melt candies and chocolate.

#8: A Hand Mixer or a Stand Mixer

If you’ll be baking only occasionally, then a hand mixer is perfect for you. It’s cheap and will last for a long time. Your arms will certainly thank you for this one. You can move onto stand mixers once you have kicked up your game.

#9: Piping Bags and Basic Nozzles

Disposable piping bags are cheap, and you can get the basic set of nozzles to get started. If you’re thrifty and don’t want to spend on piping bags, then regular Ziploc bags will do the trick. But, a couple of piping tips will take your cakes from boring to charming in a few seconds.

#10: Digital Kitchen Scales & Oven Thermometer

A small set of digital kitchen scales will ensure that your ingredients are accurate and an oven thermometer will confirm that your oven is calibrated at the right temperature.

That’s it as far as baking essentials go. Stock up your pantry and get ready to lose yourself in the yummy art of baking.

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