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healthy baking


Healthy Baking? Are you wondering how that is even possible? Well, it’s true that “Healthy” and “Baking” are two words that don’t go together. But, in today’s post, we are going to show you the ways, to have your cake and stick to your diet! Doesn’t that sound magical? 

Let’s dive right in!

The desserts of today, though they look tantalising are often loaded with unhealthy fats and can wreck your waistlines. To satisfy your sweet tooth, without feeling guilty, we have rounded up a list of the best healthy baking substitutions. Add nutrition to your baked goodies and eliminate all unnecessary and unhealthy stuff from your list of ingredients. And, we also help you remove the foe of weight loss, “white refined sugar” from your cakes.

Can’t wait to begin? Bookmark or Pinterest this page and keep it handy the next time, the urge to bake hits you.


1. The Magic of Avocados

Avocados are the one ingredient that can transform your baking from unhealthy to healthy in a jiffy. You can use this healthy fat as a butter replacement in brownies, cakes, bread, frosting and even in puddings. It’s the best way to increase your protein intake and add a dash of extra nutrients.

The best part of using avocados in baking is that the smooth texture of the fruit gives a luxurious finish to your baked goods. Your taste buds will absolutely fall in love with it.


2. Applesauce isn’t just for Toddlers

Bury your guilt and eliminate fatty oils with unsweetened apple sauce. Your treats will turn out super moist and rich. You can easily make applesauce at home by blending one peeled apple with a dash of lemon juice. If a recipe uses 1 cup of vegetable/canola oil, substitute it with 3/4th cup of homemade applesauce.

Greek Yoghurt

3. Greek Yoghurt – Nothing short of a miracle for bakers

Greek yoghurt is the superhero of healthy baking haven. It’s chock-full of proteins, calcium and probiotics. It can be added to all dishes irrespective of whether they’re sweet or savoury. If you’re worried about the fats in your baking, then try replacing the oil or butter in the recipe with Greek yoghurt. There is totally no loss of flavour, and you’ll have great consistency and moisture, just like your regular fats.


4. Go Bananas

Worried about the cups of sugar the recipe calls for? Just add bananas, the best way to sweeten up your baked treats without having to resort to unhealthy, refined sugar. Bananas are full of natural glucose that gives you instant energy without the dreaded sugar rush. Pro Tip: Always pick bananas that are super ripe, to get goodies that taste extra sweet.


5. Flourless with Beans

Beans in baking? Does that sound absurd? Well, not! Skip the flour and use black beans or chickpeas for baked goodies that are extra gooey. Since beans aren’t high on flavour; they are the best way to replace unhealthy, refined stuff in your baking with wholesome, healthy ingredients without compromising on the taste.

Veggies and Fruits

6. Get your Veggies and Fruits

Do you think that vegetables and fruits have no place in a cake? Then, think again. They not only add sweetness to your baked goodies but also provide you with the necessary fibre and micronutrients. Also, they are an excellent way to keep your cakes moist. No more dry cakes!

Try grating vegetables like carrots, beetroots into the batter to add extra sweetness and cut down on sugar. Fruits like berries and apples can be used in the frosting instead of butter. Your creativity is the limit. Try out different flavours to find the ones that work out for you.


7. Take the Spice Route

You can easily substitute sugar in a recipe with spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. These are not only healthy for your waistlines but also give a unique flavour to the baked goodies. Swap out the sugar in recipes like bread and muffins with spices and boost your metabolism. Cinnamon is a great way to burn the extra calories in your body, so try to include it in your baked goodies.

Flour alternative

8. Try your Own Flour Alternatives

Not sure what’s in the cake flour? How about skipping it altogether and making your own flour? Yep, it’s quite easy, and all it takes is a blender or food processor. You can make flax, almond or oat flour quickly by throwing the dry ingredient in a processor and pulsing it, till it becomes a fine powder. Use this homemade flour in your recipe. You know exactly what’s going into your baked treats and it’s wholesome.

White Chocolate

9. Switch over to the Dark Side

If there’s one ingredient that no one likes to swap, then it’s chocolate! This is what makes a brownie or a cookie so tempting and differentiates them for regular, plain ol’ biscuits. We don’t want you to sacrifice on your decadent treats, but you can prevent them from wrecking your waistlines by substituting milk chocolate with high-quality dark chocolates.

Look for brands that have more than 70% cocoa. Dark chocolate, when taken in the right amount, can help in weight loss, control your appetite and reduce your stress levels. But, remember that moderation is the key.

Stingy Icing

10. Go Stingy with Icing

People often believe that icing is the main part of the cake. Rather, it’s just an addition. A delightfully baked treat doesn’t need extra icing to elevate it. The flavour speaks for itself. Instead of adding heaps of buttercream frosting to your delicacies, you can try to include a glazed icing made from water and sugar. Or just a sprinkling of powdered sugar in fancy patterns on top of the cake is sure to steal the show. After all, naked cakes are all the rage right now!

Wrapping it Up

Baking is a soul cleansing experience, and it needn’t be guilt ridden. While the occasional, sinful, decadent cake is a must to make the world a better and happier place, we believe that we must take steps to make regular baking healthy and wholesome. With just a few clever hacks and tips, you can bake delicious goodies that aren’t only yummy but are also good for you. Ready to make the switch over to healthy baking?

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