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ice cream cake sandwich


As the American National Ice-cream Sandwich Day is right around the corner (August 2nd), here’s our tribute to this humble yet ingenious dessert.

In summer, as the mercury steadily creeps up, all one wants is a refreshing, cool treat to beat the heat. If sipping different juices day after day, is making you feel bored, then no worries. We present you with the best summer dessert – an ice-cream cake sandwich!!

Yes, you read that right; nothing spells summer like “Ice-cream” and what better way to make it better than pairing it with cookies??

A classic ice-cream cake sandwich is a scoop of creamy, luscious vanilla ice-cream sandwiched between two layers of fresh-of-the-oven butter cookies. Doesn’t that make your mouth water just by reading it? In today’s article, we give you the secrets to making the best ice cream sandwich.

Let’s dig in.


A bit about the History of this Revolutionary Dish

So, first things first, which genius mind is behind the creation of this stunner of a dish? According to an article stated in The New York Times, the credit for this stellar recipe goes to a pushcart peddler. It was way back in 1899 when the ice cream sandwich made its debut. Back then this dish was sold as a thin layer of ice-cream sandwiched between two thin graham wafers.

The dish was revolutionary and became an overnight success not only because it provided a portable way to eat ice-cream on the go, but since it provided an easier way to enjoy the traditional frozen treat. The heat from the consumer’s hand allowed the ice-cream to be more pliable, thereby making it simpler and more convenient to eat.

The New York Tribune, a leading newspaper of those times, but now defunct, ran an interview with the pushcart peddler in July 1900. The articles stated that the ice-cream sandwich man was hugely successful and had plenty of fans for his clever invention in the Nordic enclaves regions of New York City. In fact, his cart was skillfully decorated with ancient runic characters. He sandwiched a quarter-inch layer of vanilla ice-cream between two thin, tiny slabs of water wafers.

He made use of a tin-mould to shape his creations and was so busy that he had no time to provide change to his customers. It was said that he even demanded the exact fare from his customers for this delicacy. And can you believe that these frozen treats were sold for just 1 cent when they were introduced??!!

Fun facts

Fun Ice-Cream cake Sandwich Facts

  • Although ice-cream sandwiches were made in push carts since the 1890s, it was only during 1940s that they began to be mass produced.
  • The current modern version of ice-cream sandwiches with a scoop of ice-cream sandwiched between two cookies is attributed to Jerry Newberg of Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, PA.
  • There’s even an Ice-Cream Sandwich Day in America. It falls on August 2nd. And, in fact, it’s the second best-selling ice-cream dish in the entire country.
  • If you were to place all the ice-cream sandwiches that were sold last year, end to end, you would find that it will circle the Earth 3 ½ times!!!
  • Ice-cream sandwiches have even created their own vocabulary. If you want a scoop of vanilla ice-cream sandwiched between two choco-chip cookies, then you should ask for a “Chipwich.”
  • If you want to eat an ice-cream sandwich in Ireland or Scotland, then you should ask for a “Slider.”

Designer ice cream sandwiches

Designer Ice-cream cake Sandwiches of Today

Ice-cream sandwiches have come a long way from their humble beginnings a few centuries back. Today, you can find a whole range of ice-cream sandwiches from fancy sprinkles, large cookies, crazy flavours, exotic pairings and plenty more.

Secrets to make the cake

Seven Secrets to make the Perfect Ice-cream Sandwich

1. Start with frozen ice cream

Since your sandwich will be eaten only after a minute or two after you have prepared it, you don’t want to start with a blobby mess. Make sure that your ice-cream is as frozen as possible. Alternatively, you can also scoop the ice cream between the cookies and put the sandwiches back in the freezer, until the time you serve. Don’t worry; the cookies won’t harden. On the contrary, you cookies will stay super soft as they begin to absorb the moisture from the ice-cream.

2. Be playful with your Flavours

Chocó-chip cookies with mint ice-cream? Red velvet cookies with salty caramel ice-cream? The flavour combinations are endless. There is absolutely no way you can mess up an ice-cream sandwich, after all, it’s a cookie with ice cream. Need we say anything more? Let your creative juices flowing and experiment with different flavours.

3. Match cookie halves before you begin

You don’t want a tub of ice-cream melting on your kitchen top while you’re scrambling around to find the perfect pair for a cookie. Match your cookies according to their sizes beforehand. This way you can quickly scoop sandwiches once you have the ice-cream on hand and no frantic searching to find another cookie that is roughly the same size to the one you have in hand.

4. Wrap Individual Ice-Cream Sandwiches before you Freeze

If you place all your prepared sandwiches in a single container and put in the freezer, you are bound to get a shock when you open it to serve. The ice cream tends to melt, and you’ll end up with an ugly river of ice-cream.

Instead, wrap each sandwich individually in parchment paper or cling wrap and freeze it, to avoid any mess.

5. Start with a cookie that is chewy, pliable and soft

This way when you bite into the sandwich, your cookie will bend according to your bite but will also surround the ice-cream without falling apart. Alternatively, if you prefer to have that crunch when you bite into your creamy ice-cream, then go in for crisp cookies. The only downside to this is that your cookie tends to break apart while you eat it.

6. Avoid Sweetness Overload

With a huge scoop of ice cream and two cookies, there is a chance that you may go overboard with the sweetness. The best way to avoid a sugar rush is to counterbalance the sweet flavours with others like salty, smoky, tart, savoury, boozy and so on. Different tastes not only provide a more complex and depth to the dish but also help your guests finish off an individual serving without experiencing a sugar rush.

7. Avoid thick, pillowy cookies

While thick, pillowy cookies are good for regular consumption, they are a big No-No for ice-cream sandwiches. You want your guests to fit the whole sandwich in their mouth, so make sure your cookies are thin.


Creative and Easy Ice-Cream cake Sandwich Recipes

Here are a few, fun and easy to create ice-cream sandwich recipes that you can whip up in your kitchens in no time.

1. Ice-Cream Sandwiches with Tea Buns

Jazz up regular tea-buns by converting them into ice cream sandwiches. Slice a tea bun into half and spread the inner sides with butter. Heat a Tawa and toast the buns till it becomes golden brown. See that you don’t burn the buns. Now scoop your favourite ice cream on a bun and close it with the other half. You can toast the buns before the party and serve it as soon as you scoop the ice cream.

2. Red-velvet ice-cream Sandwiches

The bright colour of red-velvet cookies paired with classic vanilla ice-cream makes for an eye-popping treat and is sure to spruce up any party.

3. Peanut Butter Ice-cream Sandwich

Bake a batch of your favourite super-soft peanut butter cookies and pair them with chocolate ice-cream to create a classic treat that is sure to please guests of all ages.

4. Ginger Lemon Ice-Cream Sandwiches

This is a favourite summer dish. Pair crispy, crunchy gingersnaps with lemon or mint ice-cream for a refreshing delicacy.

5. Kid-friendly Ice-cream Sandwiches

Spruce up a classic ice cream sandwich with sprinkles, choco-chips or candy melts to create a fun treat for kids.

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