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It has been one year since you said “yes” and you would be re-living all the memories of the big day with your dear one. If your marriage is an arranged marriage, then the first wedding anniversary would be more special because it would be one year since you got to know each other. You would have grown closer with your dear one over the last 365 days.

And, it’s time to express your love to your dear one on this special day. Wondering how to make your first wedding anniversary all the more special?

The first wedding anniversary is a special event in any couple’s life. And, the day is incomplete without a wedding anniversary cake, gifts and plenty of cuddles.

Any special occasion, be it a birthday, Christmas, Diwali, anniversary is incomplete without cakes. Here, at Gurgaon Bakers, we believe,

A party without a cake is not a party but just a meeting.

Cakes are a wonderful treat to complete any celebration. We at Gurgaon bakes are ready to make your special days all the more special with our cakes. We deliver cakes all over Gurgaon. And, we customise the cake according to your theme and flavour. You can order anniversary cake online in Gurgaon according to the theme of the party or the flavours preferred by the guest of honour.

How to celebrate your first wedding anniversary?

You need to start by creating the right mood for the wedding anniversary. It’s important to create a mood for the wedding anniversary. A wedding anniversary is all about the couple. Scented candles, music, the right lighting, decoration, and ambience are critical to make the first anniversary a success.

Top Cakes for First Wedding Anniversary Celebrations

Here are some of the popular bestselling wedding anniversary cakes from Gurgaon Bakers

1. Red Velvet and Cream Cheese Frosting

This is a classic flavour combination. The beautiful red layers of the cake complement the white cream cheese frosting perfectly and it is an Instaworthy cake. The colours of the base layers are usually reddish brown, dark red or bright red depending on whether artificial colours are used or natural colouring agents like beetroot purees are used.

Perfect for people with a sweet tooth.

2. Vanilla Cake With Apricot and Pistachio Buttercream

Ok, at the onset, vanilla cake may appear boring and bland. After all, it’s the most common of all cake flavours right?

Well this one’s a bit different. The nutty icing flavours used here elevate the plain vanilla cake into something special.

Perfect for classic cake lovers with a twist.

3. The Time-tested Black Forest Cake

Black forest cake has been around for over a century but it’s still one of the most popular flavours. The moist rum soaked cake layers with juicy cherries and shredded chocolate with fresh cream icing make it one of the best cakes in town. The best part – it stores well in the fridge and the leftovers taste even better.

Perfect for chocolate lovers.

4. Pistachio Cake With Buttercream

The pistachio cake is not only a treat for your taste buds but is also a delight to the eye. The nutty flavours of the cake go well with the sweet buttercream, making it the right choice for your wedding anniversary.

Perfect for nut aficionados.

5. Almond Cake With Mascarpone Cream

This is an indulgent and rich cake. The base layers are made with almond flavourings and topped off with fresh whipped mascarpone cream.

Perfect for those looking for a luxurious and indulgent anniversary cake.

6. Lemon Cake

This is a classic pound cake that has a dense texture. Buttery, sweet and tart at the same time, it’s sure to delight your taste buds. The lemon cake is topped off with a minimally sweet lemon glaze that is used as frosting.

Perfect for those who love tart cakes.

7. Milk Chocolate Cupcake

Today, cupcakes are the preferred choice for all special occasions from kids’ birthday parties to office parties. Since they are individual sized, there is no need for trays, knives and serving plates. They are easy to serve and quick to clean up.

Perfect for distributing to friends and family on your anniversary.

8. Flourless Cakes

Are you following keto or paleo diets? Sad that cakes are not part of your diet plan? Check out our range of gluten-free, flour-free, sugar-free cakes. These cakes are not only healthy but also taste heavenly.

Perfect for those on a diet plan.

If you are thinking about order cake online in Gurgaon for your wedding Anniversary, then look no further. Here at Gurgaon Bakers, we have some of the best anniversary cakes in Gurgaon. We make sure the cake reaches the right place at the right time. To contact us for order and queries you can check our site or get in touch with our team on Whatsapp. We have images of our previous order to give you more idea and suggestion. We also respond to emails messages.



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