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It’s the most magical season of the year. And, with the new decade on the horizon, it’s extra special. With the holiday season in full swing, here at Gurgaon Bakers we understand your holiday stress. It’s time to find the perfect gift for your colleagues – co-workers, team mates and of course, your boss.

Wondering what to gift all these special people in your work life? Gurgaon Bakers to your rescue.

Your relationship with your colleague is quite complicated. You can’t be too close and at the same, you can’t stay away from them too. There is always a fine line in the relationship. You need extra care when you buy presents for colleagues. It can’t be personal and at the same time, it needs to be special too. A postcard or greeting card is too personal while a book is too common.

So, which gifts tick all the requirements? The answer lies in custom cupcakes.

Here are a few reasons why cupcakes are the perfect little gifts this holiday season. Order online cake in Gurgaon from GurgaonBakers.

1. No mess and No clean-ups

One of the biggest drawbacks with large cakes is that they are for a group. When you gift them at work, you have to look for knives, paper plates, paper napkins to serve them. And, not to forget the cleaning up to do after.

Cupcakes on the other hand do not disturb the work-life balance. You can just drop it of on the desks of your co-workers or employees, and they can eat it in leisure.

2. It Works for All

Every year, employers have a hard time finding the perfect safe gift that appeals to all employees. It’s always better to not gift according to your coworker’s belief or political view. It’s always better to play safe because we might not be sure about their political or religious views. Cupcakes fit into this category perfectly.

3. It’s Enjoyed by All

A boring vase? Or yet another stationery set? When you give the same old corporate gifts, your employees are sure to pass it to someone else. With a cupcake, you can be sure that it will be loved by all.

4. A cupcake brings a Smile on Everyone’s Face

Gifts are not about being expensive it’s about being happy. Your coworker and also you need to feel happy about the gift. A gift that stresses you out will not make it a happy one.

So, now that we’ve listed the four compelling reasons, we’re sure the next big question on your mind is,

Where to I order cupcakes online in Gurgaon?


Presenting you Gurgaon Bakers. The No.1 cupcake bakery in Gurgaon. We bake some of the amazing cupcakes in town. The best part our cakes are not only pocket-sized by are pocket-friendly too. The cherry on top – we offer free doorstep delivery anywhere in Gurgaon.

You can customize our cakes to suit your budgets and the taste of your employees, clients and others. We also have gift sets that are wrapped and packaged beautifully.

If you’re looking to send gifts to your friends and family, you can send cupcakes to Gurgaon online by giving us a ring at. That number works on Whatsapp too. Get in touch with our team and sort out your holiday gifts.

Happy New Year to all of you!



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