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Would you believe that the majority of the foods we eat are processed? Sceptical? Then, make a quick visit to your nearest supermarket or local grocery store. You would find that most of the aisles are stocked with boxed, premade foods or frozen stuff. Less than 20% of the footage is reserved for fresh produce. You want to know the reason? Processed foods are better for business. They are cheaper to make, easier to stock and last longer.

Gripped in the Processed Food Fever

Even bakeries are not immune to the “Processed foods” mania. They make use of pre-processed ingredients to cut down on labour and ingredient costs. A news story pointed out that even in Paris, the culinary capital of the world, more than one-third of cafes and bakeries confessed to serving industrially processed food to unsuspecting customers.

A Change Underway

However, many customers are starting to shun overly processed foods. The reason? It’s in your Tastebuds. Pre-packaged and processed foods contain plenty of added sugar, salt, and preservatives. Consumers are demanding for fresh ingredients to enjoy the wholesome flavour, aroma, and taste and above all to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

To understand this fundamental shift, let’s first get the basics right.

What is processed food?

Processed means nothing but altering the naturally occurring state of a food product. It can mean anything from frozen, canned, dehydrated, oven-dried, refrigerated or aseptically processed.

Not all Processed foods are Unhealthy

Processed has now become a dirty word. But, that isn’t fair. It’s true that a majority of ingredients commonly used in baking are unhealthy such as artificial sweeteners, colours, corn syrup and chemicals like potassium benzoate or Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHA).

However, there are several healthy processed foods like milk, frozen strawberries, organic canned tomatoes and so on. All these ingredients do not contain any fillers or additives.

Why did Bakeries initially lean on Processed Foods?

The short answer: to save money on ingredients. Processed foods are cheaper when compared to using only fresh and healthy ingredients in all your cookies and cakes. The second major reason is that goodies made using processed foods have a better shelf life. So, bakeries could pose old cakes and other pastry items as fresh goodies.

What brought about the change?

However, times have changed, and more bakers and bakeries are moving to fresh, organic ingredients for all their baking. The reason behind this is multi-fold.

Consumers are more aware: They have become Crusaders in promoting Healthy Ingredients

A lot of consumers are now making an informed decision when it comes to choosing the foodstuff for themselves and their family. Thanks to media campaigns, television shows, books, bloggers, articles on the Internet and traditional print media. Now, “health-food” isn’t just a passing fad. It’s has become mainstream, and every Indian household is serious about their well-being and what’s on their plates.

The Power of Word of the Mouth or Rather Digital Mouth

Consumers are sharing their healthy choices with friends, family, and strangers on their Facebook wall, Instagram feed, tweets and so on. The social media is full of posts from people who have experienced the health benefits of fresh ingredients: weight loss, better immune system, higher energy and above all overall healthiness.

Responsible bakers are educating clients about the ingredients used, where the food is produced and how it helps in a global and local scale. Such bakeries have garnered a huge following. Patrons don’t look at them as mere places to grab a bite, but as their partners in the journey to health.

A Way to Out-beat Global Chains

Bakers are adopting fresh, locally grown ingredients over processed foods. They see it as a way to create signature confections that are higher in-demand and far tastier than the mass produced goods from national and global chains. Designer baked goodies rule the market.

Clients prefer a one-of-a-kind freshly baked and hand-frosted cupcake that anything that comes sealed in a packet. They are looking to relish every bite and even don’t mind paying extra for health.

Locally grown foods are in Vogue

Apart from demanding what’s in their cake, consumers are also evaluating where their food actually comes from. Organic, locally grown ingredients are increasingly dominating the food scene. People are more willing to support their local community that buying from huge box stores. Also, locally grown foods retain their freshness and nutrition, as they don’t have to wait long to reach from the farms to the table.

Above all, Fresh Ingredients taste better. Period.

People love to relish the wholesome taste of goodies baked with fresh ingredients. These goodies not only taste better, healthier and more appealing but also have the emotional connect. People equate freshly baked goodies with happy memories and fun times.

This is the main reason why several bakers all over the country are switching over to fresh ingredients over processed ones. So, have you made the switch?

As we believe in walking the talk, ingredients used in Gurgaon Bakers are organic in nature. We only make freshly baked delights which uses natural ingredients and that is the primary reason our customers have good things to say about taste and aroma in the products supplied by us. Subscribe for our informative newsletters. For placing an order of cakes, you can visit our website at or you can call us at 989-9988-185.



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