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Reasons why eating cake good


Even before the time, Marie Antoinette notoriously said, “Let them eat cake”, this tiny slice of heaven has been making generations and generations of people, happy and makes life worthwhile. Yes, the very word, “Cake” makes our hearts skip a beat and our tongues salivate.

Cake – The Sweetest Way to Relive Cherished Memories & Create New Ones

Do you remember these? A slice of delicious, gooey buttercream cake served at your best friend’s birthday party when you were a kid? Or the humble, pound cake that brings back memories of your grand mama’s baking skills and the aroma of your childhood? Or the rich, decadent brownie topped with chocolate ganache and served with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream you shared with your love on your first date picked from the Bakery?

Whatever, be the form, the cake is more than a dessert. It’s a link to long-forgotten emotions and a reminder of the fond memories of yesteryears. This timeless, classic food is what has been making people smile and happy for aeons.

Cake is more than food for the body; it is food for the soul.

Diet Fads that Say No to Cakes

We can understand the turmoil, you would have undergone when you read countless articles on the internet and magazines that ban this cherished food. Yes, we are speaking about those new-age diets that look upon cake as something from the pits of hell. These diets lock away cakes stating that they are fattening, unhealthy and above all full of sugar.

Does that mean you can’t have any more cake in your life? Doesn’t that strike a deathblow to your personal slice of happiness from the cherished Bakery? Ummm, No!

Can cake be said No?

Reasons why you Shouldn’t Stay Away from Cakes

Despite what you may have heard, here we present you with the top reasons why you should indulge in your favourite dessert, aka your slice of happiness. All these reasons are backed by actual science and have been arrived after serious study and research.

So, the next time, some health nut criticises you for indulging in cake, you can back up your arguments with the reasons mentioned here.

Let’s get started!

1. Eating Cake for Breakfast Aids in Weight Loss

Does that sound too good to be true? Well no, recent research from Tel Aviv University stated that eating chocolate – along with carbohydrates and proteins for breakfast keeps sugar cravings at bay throughout the day. Meaning – you’re less likely to binge on junk foods when tea time rolls in. The study proved that people, who had a doughnut or a slice of cake for breakfast, were less hungry than those who had a regular protein-rich breakfast. The study found out that if you indulge your sweet tooth first thing in the morning, then you’re less likely to fall prey to binge eating later on in the day.

Eating cake for breakfast boosts your metabolism and helps you lose weight. Set your cereal bowl aside. Grab a fork and dig into your slice of chocolate cake for breakfast and begin the day with full josh!

Cakes makes you feel Happy

2. Cakes make you Happier

Have you ever tasted a single bite of your favourite dessert and felt your mood change instantly? Yes, that feeling isn’t a placebo effect, in fact, it’s real. Studies state that foods that have a high percentage of carbohydrates help your body increase the levels of the feel-good hormones (serotonin).

Tucking into a plate of your favourite cake improves your mind and body instantly. Take advantage of the science behind this and reach for a slice of yummy cake without any guilt. You’re actually doing something good for your mind. So, bid adieu to negative feelings of guilt!! Its a great reason to visit the bakery today!

Chocolate Cake reduces risk of strokes

3. Chocolate Cake reduces the risk of Strokes

Scientists now believe that a few bites of chocolate every day decrease the chances of stroke later on in life. A recent study proved that people who ate higher amounts of chocolate had a 17% lesser chance of a stroke compared to those who stayed away from it.

However, the key here is to tuck into dark chocolate. So, next time you reach for a cake, try to pick a slice of delicious dark chocolate cake for the most benefits.

Cakes are tempting

4. The further you Stay away from Cake, the more you’re going to End up Eating

Have you ever noticed diabetic or obese patients who are forbidden from eating cakes and other sweets? They’re sure to sneak up and indulge in these snacks when no one is looking.

Banning cakes makes us subconsciously crave for it. We are likely to end up eating huge amounts at the first chance we get. Instead of totally nixing cake from your life, try to include moderate amounts of the good stuff, regularly in your diet.

Healthy cakes

5. Provides you with Essential Nutrition while sticking to Intense Diet Regimes

When you’re following an intense diet regime that bans carbs, sweets, your body suffers from a loss of essential nutrients and minerals.

You’re basically depriving your body of energy supplying carbs and glucose level maintaining sugars. This leads to mental fog, and you end up feeling sluggish, lethargic and distracted from the tasks at hand. This is where a sweet, cheat meal can help you out.

Indulging in a slice of cake during your diet not only boosts your mood but also replenishes your body with essential nutrients and you’re likely to stick to your diet for a longer time.

Beat depression with Cake

6. Beat Depression with Cake

Several famous celebrities have opened up about how they battled depression with baking. Yes, there’s something so calming and therapeutic in measuring ingredients, beating them together in the right order and popping them into the oven, to create an adorable cake.

The aroma of freshly baked goodies wafting out of the oven calms and soothes your frayed nerves. Experts believe that baking helps people struggling with depression, by helping them focus and by providing them with a sense of achievement.

So, the next time you’re feeling blue, whip out the baking pans and get started!

Cakes many forms

7. Cake is available in many forms

If you still aren’t convinced, here’s more reason to help you thrash away from the guilt. Many bakers today have made cake healthy, by cutting out trans-fats and other harmful additives. There are gluten-free, low-calorie, vegan, fruit-rich, millet based and even paleo cakes.

Instead of opting out of the cake game entirely, switch to healthier versions like oatcakes that are low GI and rich in fibres, or try paleo cakes that are flourless, sugar-free yet completely satisfying.

Life is Too Short to Say No to Cake

Eating cakes and cupcakes not only improves your mood but can also be a surprising way to stay fit and happy!! Forget the guilt and tuck into your favourite dessert!!

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