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birthday party for your kids


Planning a birthday party for your kid is both fun and exhausting. Here, in today’s post, we give you some fabulous ideas and smart tips to save money, time and your sanity, while preparing and planning for your kiddo’s next birthday party.

The Return Gift Dilemma – Think Outside the Bag

When it comes to kids’ birthday parties, next to the birthday cake, the most anticipated item on the list is the return goody bag. Instead, of just giving gifts that will get thrown to the corner, why not think some creative ideas that every young guest will love?

  • Old school CD envelopes make for great cookie holders. You can easily add a couple of cookies, personalize it by adding the name of the recipient.
  • Instead, of candies and chocolates, here are alternate return gift ideas – mini colour pens and notepads, water bottles, handmade soaps in fun flavours, craft items like kid-friendly scissors, mini glue bottles, crayons, watercolours, etc.

Party Invites – The Internet is your Best Friend

There are tons of free kids’ birthday parties invitation printables on the internet. Load up your home printer with ink, get some high-quality paper and you’re done. Print it out and mail them. Alternatively, you can skip paper invites altogether, and take the e-route by sending e-invites.

Prepare for the Unexpected

One of the biggest troubles of having hyper-excited, sugar-rushed kids in the house is that something disastrous may happen. Be it a meltdown, a push-and-shove incident or an allergic reaction – plenty can go wrong.

You can avoid these by preparing for the unexpected and by laying some house rules.

  • Provide kids with name tags as soon as they arrive. Pin it up on their dress, so it’s easy for you (and your adult helpers) to remember names. School-age kids can decorate their name tags as soon as they arrive. This serves as a nice warm-up activity. Have plenty of sketch pens and crayons handy.
  • Always plan for a few extra guests than you invited. Some kids may come with a sibling or bring along a friend. Having extra supplies helps to avoid meltdowns.
  • Be prepared for meltdowns. If a child is feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, get an adult helper to take the child aside and help him/her calm down. This ensures that the rest of the group continues celebrating, without the entire party coming to a standstill.
  • Stock plenty of tissues, ice, and band-aids. Having a well-stocked first aid kit also helps.
  • If parents are dropping off children to pick them later make sure to get relevant information about food allergies and other existing medical conditions. Alternatively, you can ask parents to pass on this information to you, while RSVPing.
  • If you have pets in the house, make sure to keep them away from the children. Some children are afraid of animals, while others may be allergic. Also, small children who don’t have pets at home may start teasing your pet – like pulling tails, stepping on paws, etc.
  • Don’t go in for a large gathering. Keep the guest list intimate and manageable. For younger kids, the general rule of thumb is that the total number of guests should be just one more than the age of the birthday kid.
  • Always have extra adult helpers on hand, to help you serve the food, organize activities, do some cleaning up and so on.
  • Let parents stay for the party if they want to, but don’t compel them. Some parents are comfortable leaving kids in a new house, while others aren’t so sure. If parents leave, make sure to have their mobile numbers on hand.

Go Green

The amount of trash generated at the end of a birthday party is staggering. Go green by using reusable plates and tumblers, instead of getting fancy paper plates and plastic cutlery, which will be just thrown away. This also works well for your budget.

Budget Troubles

Remember you can have a budget-friendly birthday party that is big on fun, without splurging. Here are a few DIY ideas:

  • Don’t rent a photo booth – Instead, create one at home. The photo booth is a great way to incorporate the theme of the party. Take a look at Pinterest for some inspiration.
  • Become the Entertainer – Hiring a magician, face painter or balloon artist is sure to rack up the bucks. Instead, become the entertainer for the evening by putting together a homemade costume. Kids don’t demand much and are really happy when parents become clowns, magicians, fortune tellers, etc.
  • Turn your Backyard into a Bowling Alley – Fill up ten clear plastic bottles with water. Add a few drops of food colouring in each. Use party streamers as lane margins and have a crazy game of backyard bowling to keep the kids entertained.
  • Create an indoor movie theatre – If you can rent a projector, get one. Else, just use your regular ticket. Give each child a ticket for the movie and set up a concession stand. Kids can come to the stand during the movie for popcorn, ice-cream, gummies, and other fun treats.

The Highlight of the Event – The Cake & Other Food

A birthday party without cake is nothing but a regular meeting. When it comes to the birthday cake, we recommend that you outsource it to a reputed bakery in town. You may be an expert baker, but baking the cake before the event is sure to stress you out.

Instead, when you buy it from high-quality bakers like Gurgaon Bakers, you can rest assured that you get nothing but the best.

It relieves you from a major stress factor. Additionally, professional bakers will be able to create designer cakes in the shape of your kid’s preferred cartoon characters, books, TV shows, hobbies, etc.

And, coming to the food – remember that you aren’t hosting a fancy dinner party. Kids are easy to please. Instead, of serving a complete meal, provide your young guests with nutritious and wholesome snacks.

Vegetarian sandwiches cut in the shape of fancy animals, finger foods, colourful juices are enough to keep your young guests happy.

The Last Word

When it comes to kids’ birthday parties, remember the details don’t matter. It’s the memories that last forever. So, don’t stress out. Be chill and plan a great kids’ birthday party using these tips. And, for the best kids birthday cakes in Gurgaon, Whatsapp us at +91-989-9988-185 to place your orders.



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