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valentines day relationship strengthen tips


Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Wondering what to gift your loved one? Bored of the same ol’ greeting cards, red roses and a fancy dinner? How about doing something that you have never done before?

This Valentine’s Day, take a break from the regular gifting roulette and strengthen your relationship by getting your hands dirty in the kitchen. It’s time to don your aprons and bakers’ hats and bake yummy treats with your loved one.

Baking and Relationships: Though they may seem like two different things, the reality is that they are more connected that you think. According to a survey by Dr John Gray, a leading relationship expert, couples who enjoy baking/cooking together are significantly more satisfied in their relationships.

Couples that Bake Together, Stay Together

Wondering how that is true? Baking is an activity that allows couples to spend some quality time together, without any gadgets and other distractions. It helps couples connect on an intimate level, thereby strengthening their relationship.

Here are a few reasons why you should bake together as a couple:

It amps up the Intimacy Quotient

The idea of preparing a cake from scratch may sound exciting for a few couples, while for others, it may feel like a monumental task. Regardless of your expertise as a “baker”, spending time in the kitchen with your loved one helps to strengthen the bond between you two, and not to forget the delicious results.

The truth is that: Baking skills always amp up the glam quotient. Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, everyone loves to have a partner who can whip up tasty treats. It doesn’t matter whether your baking skills are Instagram-worthy or not. It’s all about the effort you are willing to dedicate to bake delicious treats for your partner.

Though it may sound clichéd: it’s the thought that counts. Even if you bake something as simple as a cupcake or a muffin, baking together helps you connect, bond and build your intimacy.

You Grow Together as a Couple

Not sure what’s the difference between icing and glazing? Or don’t know whether you should use cake flour or all-purpose flour? It doesn’t matter if you and your partner don’t know the answer. When you start baking together, you become a team working towards a common goal – to create the perfect chocolate cake (or any other purpose).

You realize that you’re on the same side. Together you work, boosting the strengths of each person. Besides learning baking terms, you start to learn about your bae on a personal and more profound level. You begin sharing stories – that you have never shared with each other.

What’s her fondest baking memory? What’s his favourite dessert? Who taught him to cook? And so on. Baking is a great way to expand your knowledge about each other while growing as a couple.

You Begin to Communicate with Each Other

When was the last time you had an in-depth heart-to-heart talk without looking at your smartphones? Baking requires plenty of communication. Without communicating, things take a tailspin. As a result, when you bake together, you develop your connection as a couple. You learn to set aside arguments and differences and work together as a team. Simply put, it helps you two stay on the same page.

It highlights your Partner’s Strengths

Baking together brings out your partner’s strengths. For instance, your boyfriend has a knack for measuring things accurately, or he may be willing to clean up the sink once you are done. You may not have noticed these traits before. It gives you a new appreciation for your significant other.

Above all, You Create Treasurable Memories

The moment when the timer on the oven goes off, and the kitchen fills with the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked cake – is pure bliss. You are finally going to see the results of the hard work you and your partner put together. Even if the cake sticks to the pan, or is half-baked, no worries. You are sure to have enjoyed your time together.

Again, it’s the care and love you put into a meal that counts. More than the output, you are sure to treasure the memory that you and your partner worked together toward a common goal. You can now apply this skill to other areas of life. You realize that both of you are on the same team.

Bake Together with Gurgaon Bakers

This Valentine’s Day, add another chapter to the story of your relationship by baking together. If baking alone in your kitchen scares you or if you don’t have the necessary equipment, you can give us a ring on +91 989 9988 185 to schedule a couple baking class, just for the two of you.

Spending time in the kitchen with your loved one creates a magical experience for the two of you. It doesn’t matter what you’re baking, as long as you bake together.



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