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virtual birthday party


Just because you’re social distancing doesn’t mean you cannot host a kick-ass birthday celebration! Read on for tips on how to conduct a memorable virtual birthday party this year and how to order high quality & delicious Online Birthday Cake.

A birthday is always special. A special first birthday, a sweet 16 celebration, or a 50th birthday gathering – regardless of the milestone, birthdays are memorable celebrations to cherish with friends and family.

With the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing norms – it’s not possible to have your usual birthday celebrations. No inviting friends to your place, no dinners out with family, and no parties at a kid’s play area.

Does that mean no festivities and celebrations for people celebrating their birthdays the rest of the year? We refuse to accept it. At Gurgaon Bakers, we firmly believe that all milestones should be celebrated – and now more than ever.

We share excellent tips to host a kick-ass virtual birthday party to celebrate at home – even while you’re practicing social distancing.

#1: Send the Invites Out


What’s a party without an invite? There are plenty of free birthday party printable invites online. Customize it – mention the date and time, specify details of the app you’ll use – Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype, or FaceTime.

Make sure to send a reminder a few hours before the party to remind your guests. If you have a theme – mention it in the invite and ask your guests to dress up for the special party. After all, what better way to recreate the party mode than by dressing up?

#2: Go overboard with the Décor


Yes, just because you won’t have guests at your home doesn’t mean you have to skip the decorations this year. In fact, go overboard! Hang streamers on the walls, blow up a few balloons, hang a “Happy Birthday” streamer. If you have chosen a specific theme – decorate accordingly.

Ensure that the room from where you’ll be hosting the “virtual birthday party” is decorated the most and feels festive.

#3: Wear a Birthday Crown and Sash


In our opinion, no one is ever too old to wear a special sparkly birthday crown. Whether you’re celebrating a 30th birthday or your daughter’s 3rd birthday, birthday crown and sash is sure to make the birthday boy/girl feel like a star on their special day.

#4: It’s Time to order the Online Birthday Cake


What’s a birthday without ordering Online Birthday Cake in the time of lockdown? If you’re worried about whether you can get a special Online Birthday Cake delivered amidst the lockdown restrictions, worry not. Gurgaon Bakers have got you covered. We’re back in operation and follow all the safety precautions mandated by the WHO. Give us a ring to place orders for birthday cakes in Gurgaon. We’ll have it delivered right at your doorstep, right on time for the virtual party.

Blow the candles and cut the cake. Get all your guests to sing along and make the birthday boy/girl feel very special.

#5: Don’t Forget the Return Favours


Feeling bad that your guests cannot enjoy a slice of cake? Worry not! Gurgaon Bakers can deliver tasty birthday party return favours to your guests anywhere in Gurgaon. We’ve got an extensive collection of treats to choose from – jar cakes, a box of cupcakes, tea cakes, cookies, sugar-free cakes, and more.

Send your guests a box of delectable treats from Gurgaon Bakers to make them feel a part of the celebration.

We also have a DIY cupcake decorating kits for your guests. These kits contain 4 – 6 freshly baked cupcakes, colourful icing in piping bags with piping tips, cupcake decoration like sprinkles, choco-chips, etc. We can deliver our DIY cupcake decorating kits to guests to decorate at home and enjoy these tasty treats, while the virtual party is going on.

#6: Keep it Fancy


Just because the party is virtual doesn’t mean you and your guests have to turn up in sweatpants and tees. Dressing up and decorating the house creates positive feelings in the brain and can make everyone feel happy and energised.

#7: Don’t forget the Games


What’s a birthday party without some silly games? Even simple games like Housie-housie, dumb charades, or a dance party can make your guests enjoy the party and feel like you’re all together.

Just because it’s Online, it doesn’t mean you have to Tone down the Celebrations

Don’t feel bad that you cannot invite your friends and family to your birthday celebration this year. Instead, get creative and make the best of your online birthday party!

And, don’t forget to call Gurgaon Bakers for Online Birthday Cake and return favours.



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