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Your kid’s birthday is coming up and you want to make it all the special for your kiddo. You’ve decided on the theme, finalized the guest list and prepared the décor. Coming to the big question, “What about the Cake?”

Yes, cakes are the centrepiece of any birthday party. After all, “A Party without Cake, is not a Party but just a Meeting.”

Here, in today’s post, we focus on “Ganache.” From giving you a simple fool-proof recipe for making a smooth, silky ganache to answering the common questions about ganache, read on to find all that you need.

You’re all confused. “Should you make it at home or should you get it from a professional bakery?” That’s one of the most difficult decisions to make. After all, you want to express your love for your kiddo, by baking his/her birthday cake.

But, hold on your horses. Here, in this week’s post, we give you the top three reasons, why it makes sense to order a professionally done cake for your kid’s birthday.

#1: The Cake looks Professional and Tastes Delicious

Yes, by hiring a professional bakery like Gurgaon Bakers to bake your kiddo’s cake, you can be assured that the results will be picture perfect. There’s no room for errors. You’ve got a team of professional bakers on the job, who work on each element of your cake – from the colours, shape to the structure, everything is perfect.

Also, with professional bakers, you can be assured of the taste of the cake. Yes, they don’t just make cakes that look good, but also focus on creating culinary masterpieces that taste good.

#2: You can Personalise it in any Shape and Flavour you Want

You may be an amateur baker and you may even have made a few cakes at home. But, baking a 3D or tiered cake is a complicated job and requires expertise. With a professional bakery, you can get the shape your kiddo wants. No restrictions.

Dinosaurs, Barbies, Disney Princesses, Farm Themed, Animals, Gravity Defying cakes, Superheroes – whatever your kiddo desires, your baker can create it. And, what better way to bring joy on your kiddo’s face, than seeing his/her favourite character come to life as a delicious cake.

Additionally, by hiring a baker to make the birthday cake, you needn’t worry about the flavours. Not just vanilla or chocolate, the bakery can create exotic flavours like – fresh strawberry, blue berry, butterscotch, salted caramel, lychee and more.

#3: Above all, Saves you from Stress and Helps you Have a Ton of Fun!

Planning a party is a strenuous job – you’ve got plenty of things to take care of. Decorating the venue, welcoming your guests, organising the events and games, planning the return gifts, and above all – getting your kid ready for the big day.

And, baking a cake is a time-consuming task. Adding it to your other party planning activities is an invitation for chaos and stress. If you decide to handle the cake baking on your own, then you’ll have to dedicate at least two full days for the job, while the rest of the party planning activities take a backseat.

You end up getting stressed and worn out on the day of the event. You’re more worried about getting the cake in one piece to the venue, rather than enjoying the special day.

By hiring a professional baker to bake your kiddo’s birthday cake, you can be free from all these stresses and enjoy the big day!

The Last Word – Let the Professionals handle it, while you Let your Hair Down!

Keep your cake baking adventures for another day and let the professionals handle the job on the big day. We hope that these three reasons have convinced you to order a cake for your kiddo’s birthday from a professional bakery. And, for the best customized birthday cakes in Gurgaon, you know where to turn to. Yes, Whatsapp us at +91-989-9988-185 to place your orders for kid’s birthday cakes and get them delivered right at your venue.



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