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12 Interesting Facts about Your Favourite Cake

Cakes symbolise sweetness and happiness. They open the door to shared joys, laughter and good times together.

A party is incomplete without cakes. Yep, you may have an awesome décor, tasty food, but without cutting a cake, the event feels incomplete. Birthdays, anniversaries, wedding receptions, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, friendship day, Diwali, Christmas, New Year – cakes are the centrepiece at any event.

But, have you ever wondered who started the tradition of cutting cakes on birthdays and weddings? Why do we blow candles before making a wish?

Continue reading to delve into the exciting history of cakes in celebrations.

Who invented the birthday cake?

If you think cakes are a modern celebration, then you need to think again. Cakes have been around for centuries and the first actual birthday cake dates back to the Middle Ages. It was a Germanic tradition to celebrate children’s birthday with cake. This practice was known as “kinderfest.”

But, the cake of the Middle Ages were far away from the fluffy, spongy creations of today. Originally cakes were a hard bread which later became a sweeter version known as Geburtstagorten. It was during the 17th century, icing began to make an appearance of celebration cakes. The icing was generally flowers, laces and other petals. However, these elaborate icing cakes could be afforded only by the wealthy aristocrats.

The general population had to wait until the late 18th century to afford cakes. With the introduction of hand mixers, cake trays commercially, the price of cakes went down sharply. It was during this period that cakes became an indispensable part of celebrations and special occasions.

Who first used candles on birthday cakes?

There are two theories behind candles on birthday cakes.

The first one is that it was an ancient Greek tradition. The Greeks made round sweet breads to honour Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the Moon. The candles on the cakes symbolised the silvery glow of moonlight. It was a belief that the smoke that rises from the candle carried people’s wishes up towards the heavens.

The second theory is that candles were placed on birthday cakes to represent the light of life and to guide growing children.

Today, it’s a common tradition to light candles and blow them while making a wish. It’s a belief that one shouldn’t say the wish out loud, if we want it to come true. Other beliefs include blowing all candles with a single puff of breath. If you manage to blow all the candles, then your wish will come true.

What was once a humble tradition has evolved into a fun ritual in modern times! Today, cakes are the centrepiece at all celebrations. Here are some interesting tid-bits on this sweet dessert.

12 Interesting Facts about Cakes

  1. Did you know there is a special day for cakes? Yep, the National Cake Day is celebrated on 26th November.

  2. The word cake comes from Middle English word, “Kake.” It means tart or pastry.

  3. In the Middle Ages, cake referred to a hard round bread that was flat on both ends.

  4. Did you know that the middle layer of your cake has a special name? The middle layer with frosted cream is technically known as a “whoopie pie.”

  5. The backstory of the popular red velvet cake is as dramatic as the cake itself. The story goes like this – a lady ate a slice of red velvet cake in a restaurant and she liked it very much. She asked for the restaurant to share the recipe with her. But, they charged her a steep $100 fee for sharing the recipe. In an act of revenge, the lady circulated the recipe far and wide.

  6. An American tradition says that keeping a slice of fruit cake under your pillow gets you a handsome husband.

  7. The World Record for eating the most number of cupcakes is held by Patrick Bertloetti a competitive eater from Chicago. He ate a whopping 72 cupcakes with frosting under six minutes.

  8. Royal icing is a popular type of icing made using egg whites, icing sugar and a dash of lemon juice. It was known as royal icing since it gained recognition when it was used on Queen Victoria’s cake in 1840. She was the first royal member to have the pure white icing on her wedding cake.

  9. The first reference to birthday cake dates back to 1785.

  10. The world’s largest birthday cake was made in Las Vegas to celebrate a 100th birthday. It weighs as much as a fully-grown African elephant.

  11. The world’s tallest cake was made in Jakarta, Indonesia. It has a height of 108 feet and 3 inches.

  12. The world’s most expensive cake was named as “Pirates Fantasy” and costs a whopping $35 million USD.

Wasn’t that interesting! So, what are you waiting for? Order the best party cakes in Gurgaon and add a sweet touch to your celebrations.

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