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13 Sweet and Refreshing Summer Cakes for Summer 2021

Hello readers! Summer is here – the temperatures are climbing, and we cannot wait to dig into delicious creamy cool desserts to blow off the heat! If you’re throwing a summer party or planning a summer birthday, we’ve got the best summer cakes to wow your guests! Celebrate the season with fresh fruit cakes, light-airy sponge cakes with an extra pop of colour.

A great slice of cake is a welcome treat no matter the season! But, in summer we find ourselves craving light but delicious sweet treats. Whether you’re in the mood for a slice of cool fruit cake or fancy a loaf of pound cake studded with raisins and berries, we’re sure you’ll find a great cake here to cure those sweet cravings.

Check out these 13 delicious and sumptuous summer bakes!

1. Fruit Cake

Beat the summer blues with our colourful and tasty fruit cakes. One of the best and most popular cake for the summer season is our fresh fruit cakes. Spongy cake layers are filled and frosted with creamy vanilla cream frosting and topped with juicy chunks of fruit. Fruit cakes are popular at summer parties – and we’re sure that your guests will come back for seconds or even thirds. It’s an edible piece of cool heaven, during hot, sultry summers!

2. Mango Cake

Mangoes are a special summertime treat and no summer is complete without indulging in a ton of mangoes. The tangy sweet taste of mangoes coupled with the light airy sponge bring back sweet memories of summers past. Serve nostalgic drinks like Rasna and a slice of this mango cake to relive your childhood memories with an awesome summer party.

3. Blueberry Cake

The love for blueberry is universal. Whether as a smoothie or in cake form, blueberries are a delicious treat for all. When the hot winds of summer blow outside and the mercury steadily climbs, tuck into a slice of our delicious blueberry cake. Buttery rich sponge cake topped with a sweet and tangy blueberry sauce, this cake is not only incredibly delicious but absolutely gorgeous as well. Perfect to add a pop of colour to your birthday photos.

4. Pineapple Cake

A slice of fresh pineapple is sure to drive the summer blues away.”

Fruity, juicy and tangy our pineapple cakes are the perfect dessert to relish by the poolside. Order a fresh pineapple cake in Gurgaon and throw an awesome summer party in flip-flop weather

5. Ice Cream Cake

The quintessential summertime treats – after all, yeh dil maange more! Ice creams are the perfect summer treats. This summer, enjoy this all-time favourite dessert in cake form. Ice cream cakes are made with layers of delicious creamy ice cream arranged like a cake and covered with frosting. It’s the best of both worlds – ice cream and delicious cakes.

6. Ice Cream Cone Style Chocolate Drip Cake

Is there anyone who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolates are loved by everyone from 9 to 90! Satisfy your chocolate cravings this summer with this delicious ice cream cone style chocolate drip cakes. Chocolate cupcakes are placed in ice cream cones and covered with tasty chocolate frosting drips. Mini in size, but massive in taste – these are fun treats to pass around at any summer party. This is a great DIY treat that you can whip up in no time at your home. You don’t have to sweat it out in your kitchen making cupcakes. Reach out to Gurgaon Bakers for online cupcake delivery in Gurgaon and create these tasty treats in no time.

7. Frozen Cake

When the temperatures begin to soar, it’s time to call in Queen Elsa for her special icy powers. Frozen kids birthday cakes are a favourite treat at kids’ birthday parties. Check our extensive gallery of the best frozen themed cakes in Gurgaon and take a chill pill, this hot summer.

8. Lemon Cake

Sing like a bird and buzz like a bee with citrusy lemon cakes. The lemon cake is the perfect summertime treat that you shouldn’t miss out. Tangy, sweet, this one is perfect for those who like to try different cake flavours.

9. Carrot Cakes

Do you find it difficult to meet your daily quota of vegetables in the summer? Worry not! Now, you can have your veggies and enjoy them as well. The carrot cake is the perfect example of a healthy treat. Nutritious and delicious – carrot cakes are popular among both adults and children alike.

10. Raisins and Nuts Cake

Is your appetite craving for something crunchy munchy during the hot summer afternoons? Snack on our frosting-free range of healthy cakes in Gurgaon. You can snack on these delicious treats without compromising on your diet. The best part – most of the tea cakes in our healthy desserts range are made without maida, sugar and other artificial sweeteners.

11. Jar Cakes

Keep calm and dig into a jar of tasty cake. Each jar cake is layered with crumbs of moist sponge and tasty frosting. We’re sure that you cannot stop with a lick or two! You’ll be licking the jar clean in no time!

12. Marie Biscuit Cake

This is another easy DIY dessert that you can whip up at home in no time. Crunch Marie biscuits and layer them in a round cake tin lined with parchment paper. Then make chocolate ganache (chocolate and cream in the ratio 1:1) and pour it over the crushed Marie biscuits. Let in chill in the fridge, slice and serve cold. This makes for a great teatime treat for little kids.

13. Coffee Cake

Feeling lethargic and dull due to the hot weather? Banish your summer boredom and laziness with a slice of our tasty coffee cakes in Gurgaon. Made with espresso and coffee decoction, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans is a great conversation starter at any party.

So, which of these cakes is your favourite? Order the best summer party cakes in Gurgaon and have a happy summer filled with joy and laughter! Mask up, maintain social distancing, and enjoy a fun and safe summer vacation 2021!



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