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Have The Best Birthday Cakes Delivered To Your Door

Gurgaon Bakers – 5 Tips To Choose The Perfect Birthday Cake

Birthdays are incomplete without ‘Birthday Cakes’. Your special someone’s birthday should have a special birthday cake to make the celebration perfect. The design, flavor, shape, and size, all play an important role in creating the perfect birthday cake. You also need an expert baker, like Gurgaon bakers, who assure a masterpiece of birthday cakes delivered to your door. With so many factors to consider, how does one order the best birthday cake for the occasion? Here are 5 simple tips to help you.

1. Zeroing In On The Budget

Cakes are nothing sort of an art. They come in so many sizes, shapes, and designs. The cost of birthday cakes mainly depends on the quantity and design you choose. While local bakers offer nominal rates, gourmet bakers may charge you premium rates, but the quality and final outcome of the cake depends on the craftsmanship. So it is better to determine your budget and choose the baker, size and design of the cake based on that.
Gurgaon Bakers have a huge catalog of cake designs to choose from to suit your budget and they also ensure the birthday cake delivered to your door in time for the party.

2. Finding The Right Flavor

Though cakes are made in vibrant colors and designs, they are ultimately made for consumption. So you need to find a flavor that is a crowd pleaser. You can experiment with some exotic flavors like red velvet and lychee if the crowd mainly consists of grown-ups. But if you are catering to a ‘mostly kids’ group, it is better to stick to basic flavors like vanilla, strawberry or chocolate. This ensures that everybody eats the cake and there is not a lot of wastage. After all, cake is food too and we Indians hate to waste food.

3. Size Of The Cake

You need enough cake to serve all your guests, and go for second servings too. Simply write down the guest list on a piece of paper, while striking out and adding guests as they confirm their attendance, before arriving at the final number. Talk to your baker about the size required to serve all the guests and don’t just go with your assumed quantity. And with popular bakers like Gurgaon bakers, who create the tastiest birthday cakes, you better order more to save some for yourself at the end.

4. Choosing The Design Or Shape

Birthday cakes are no longer the boring square, round or heart shaped. There are theme cakes for every age. Little girls can get Disney Princess cakes and little boys can go for Superhero cakes. If you are a teenager, musical band cakes could be to your liking and adults can go with themes like fruit filled cakes and other ‘grown-ups’ theme. Your eyes are sure to pop looking at the design options with Gurgaon Bakers, who can create the perfect birthday cakes delivered to your door. No matter what your design or theme is, ensure that it fits into your budget and matches the guest preferences.

5. Choosing The Baker

After putting in so much effort in choosing the right size, design and flavor, you need a trustworthy baker who will implement your plan for the perfect birthday cake delivered to your door. Your local baker might be your first choice owing to your years of association with them. But are they equipped to deliver the shape or design that you want? High-end bakers do promise the best quality and have hundreds of designs they can create but they tend to be overtly pricey. So choose a baker who can offer you both the quality and quantity aspect of a perfect birthday cake at the best price.

Gurgaon Bakers have been creating birthday cakes in every flavor, shape and theme for years and satisfying the sweet tooth of many patrons. Browse through hundreds of birthday cake designs on our website. Let us create the perfect cake and you can simply order online to get the most delicious birthday cakes delivered to your door! Call us now on +91-98999 88185 to start designing the perfect birthday cake for your loved ones!



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