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Valentine Day Gift for Her

Best Valentine’s Day Gift For Her – Cake & Bouquet Delivery And More!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! The day for lovebirds to profess their undying love for each other and exchange heart melting gifts. You better get your girl a gift as unique as her and as special as your relationship. Remember, your special someone needs a gift that is thoughtful, meaningful, and very romantic; a gift that also reflects her taste. Cuddly cushions, soft toys, chocolates, cake, handbags, cosmetics, flowers are some of the best Valentine gifts for your special girl.

Still looking for the perfect gift for her? Or, you have found one but want to make it extra special? What about a cake & bouquet delivery to go along with your perfect gift? Want more such amazing ideas? Read on!

1. Jewellery


This is a time tested choice and never fails to woo your girlfriend. Diamond earrings, Platinum rings, gemstone bracelets are all some great ideas that are sure to make your girl swoon. If you are looking for something simple, you can go with trendy handcrafted jewellery. There are a lot of options like terracotta necklaces and thread bangles that look really pretty. No matter what material of jewellery you choose, they never fail to impress a girl.

2. Custom Made Photo Collage

Custom Photo Collage

Memories last forever! What better way to cherish the memories you two had than creating a beautiful collage of all those photos! Find a reputed photo collage service to create amazing photo collage posters and albums. And if you are feeling extra romantic, you can even get them printed on mugs, cushion covers, and CAKES! Photo printed cakes are a great gift. Our cake & bouquet delivery services can delivery your photo printed cake anywhere anytime and surprise your beloved.

3. Beauty Hampers

Beauty Hampers

This heading covers a whole range of beauty products. Starting from make-up kits to daily skincare routine packs, there is no dearth in this section to find the perfect gift for your girl. If you know girls, you know how much they love self-care. 100% natural skincare and haircare products are reigning the market and have some amazing gift hampers for Valentine’s day. Just ensure to find your girl’s hair type and skin type to get the right version of the hampers.

4. Chocolates


Girls, Valentine’s Day, Chocolates; the inseparable BFFs for life! One cannot imagine Valentine’s Day without chocolates. But don’t go for those boring chunks and bars anymore. Get those customized chocolates that have your name or photo printed on them. You can even create your own flavour these days. Chocolate art is pretty popular and one can get, flavour filled chocolates or chocolate sculptures too. Why not order our KitKat Chocolate Drip Cake and get it through our special cake & bouquet delivery on Valentine’s Day!

5. Smartwatch


Girls can never have enough watches. Gone are the days of analogue or digital, leather strapped watches. In comes the trendy smartwatch. From price range starting at Rs.3000, you have plenty of options to find a good quality smartwatch with different color straps.

6. Clutches


These are a great addition to their wardrobe. Why not find one that matches their Valentine’s Day dress? Double surprise there! If you spend some time shopping around, you can find a great clutch that serves both the style and utility aspects for your girl.

7. A Makeover At Their Favourite Spa Or Salon

Makeover Spa Salon

Girls love getting pampered! Get them an appointment at their favourite spa or salon for some super good care & pampering. Most spas and salons have special Valentine’s Day packages and you could even book for a couple’s aromatherapy, or any other couple’s package, if you are up to it. Time well spent together!

8. The Cake

The Cake

Cakes have become an integral part of every celebration in India. Valentine’s Day is no different. Cakes can be customized and designed to express the immense love you have for your beloved. Reputed bakers like Gurgaon Bakers have been a part of some lovely Valentine’s Day stories with their trusted cake and bouquet delivery. They are able to create amazing designs that are nothing short of art. Whether you want a theme cake, a photo-printed cake, tiered cake, fruit cake, or a silhouette cake, they can deliver it to you on time.

Every day that is spent with your loved one is special; Valentine’s Day is just another day to celebrate and reassert your love and companionship. We lovebirds try to make our better halves feel more special and more loved on this day, and showering them with gifts is just the way we know how to do it.

We understand how difficult it may be to find the perfect gift for your special someone. When it comes to expressing admiration, not everyone has the same love language. With so many deals and offers available online, it might be difficult to choose the appropriate one. So don’t over-stress yourself and choose a gift that speaks to her heart. As such, we all know that no gift can quantify the love you have for her!

This Valentine’s Day, order our cakes made to perfection that would complement the gift you got your valentine. Browse our Gurgaon Bakers website for a wide range of ‘Valentine’s Day Cakes’ and place your order online to get them delivered at your doorstep with our 100% hygienic cake & bouquet delivery team.



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