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Cake for Corporate in Gurgaon


Entrepreneurs (startup and small business owners) are a rare breed. They are risk-takers, hustlers, and mostly, workaholics. They are so focussed on getting things done that they rarely have time to spend on shopping for themselves.

If you have a friend who fits the description above, you’ve come to the right place. Our teams of creative bakers, cake decorators, customer service representatives, accountants, delivery personnel are all entrepreneurs at heart. We’ve brainstormed to curate a list of the best gifts that you can gift to the special entrepreneur friends in your life.

If you’re the entrepreneur, feel free to forward this post to your friends and family – so that they’ll get a hint of what you want 😉 😉


For Entrepreneurs who are always coming up with Great Ideas


1. A Classic Notebook/Journal


Ideas are everywhere for an entrepreneur. You never know when the next big inspiration will hit you. Not just for ideas, these notebooks can also double as a planner to jot down things to do, projects to monitor, etc. A great notebook with a durable cover is always a good gift. It will surely be appreciated by your busy friend.


2. A Big Whiteboard with Markers


Sometimes, old school is the best. Irrespective of the number of digital tools, a whiteboard never goes out of style. There is something so satisfying when you jot down ideas on a whiteboard. It’s great for brainstorming sessions with the team. And, when it comes to whiteboards – bigger IS better. Don’t forget to include colourful markers with the board.


For Entrepreneurs with a Sweet Tooth


3. Gift them a Box of Cupcakes


If you’re looking to brighten your friend’s day, send them a box of cupcakes. It is sure to bring a smile on his/her face as they enjoy the tasty treats. At Gurgaon Bakers, we deliver cupcakes starting from packs of six, anywhere in Gurgaon. Just let us know the theme of Cake for Corporate in Gurgaon or for any other occasion, and message, we’ll deliver the box of tasty treats at your friend’s office.


4. DIY Cupcake Kits


If your entrepreneur friend is a hobby baker, then this makes for a great gift. Our cupcake kits come with a batch of freshly made cupcakes, icing tubes, and nozzles. Your friend can unleash his/her creativity, and enjoy the pretty treats they decorated.


For Entrepreneurs who are Always Learning


5. A Best-selling Book on Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurs are always learning. They love to keep themselves updated with all the latest happenings in their niche and the industry. Gift your friend the latest best-seller book on successful entrepreneurship. Some suggestions are The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, Atomic Habits by James Clear, Zero to One by Peter Thiel, Lost, and Founder by Rand Fishkin.


6. A Kindle eReader


If your friend is a bookworm, then how about gifting him/her an eReader. With endless choices, this is a gift that will be appreciated for years to come.


For Entrepreneurs who are Always on the Go


7. A Coffee Mug to Carry Around


Early morning meetings and late-night client calls are inevitable in the life of a budding entrepreneur. Gift your friend a handy coffee mug to carry around when they are rushing for meetings. They are sure to appreciate your gift as they juggle meetings.

Look for vacuum-sealed coffee mugs that keep hot beverages hot and cold drinks cold. These mugs are spill-proof. Hence, they won’t leak and ruin your friend’s outfit of the day.


8. A Backup Battery/Cordless Mobile Phone Charger


For entrepreneurs, their smartphones are their lifeline. They are always on call, posting on social media, scheduling meetings with vendors and clients. They cannot afford to let their phone battery go dead. A wireless mobile phone charger or a portable phone battery is a great gift they’ll appreciate.


9. A Wireless Bluetooth Earbud


This is another mobile accessory that your entrepreneur friend is sure to love. Gift him/her a wireless Bluetooth earbud. If they already have one, you can gift a catchy case to store their earbuds.


10. A Funky Laptop Bag


A sturdy laptop bag is not only a great accessory but is also highly functional. It makes travel from and to work meetings a breeze and makes your friend look smart and professional.


For Entrepreneurs who Need to Relax


11. Subscription to a Meditation/Yoga App


If your entrepreneur friend is always stressed and needs to take some time to relax, then gifting a subscription to a meditation or yoga app makes for a great gift. It can help your friend to take a few minutes every day to relax their mind and body.


12. A Miniature Garden


This makes for a great addition to their desk. It’s a great way to remind your friend to take a few minutes to relax and take some deep breaths before they head on their next challenge.


For Entrepreneurs who are ready to get started on Social Media


13. A Tripod


If your friend shoots YouTube videos or Instagram Reels often, you can gift a flexible, lightweight tripod. It helps in making their photos and videos look professional. Look for tripods that work with both traditional DSLRs and smartphones.


For Entrepreneurs who love to Work Out


14. A Fitness Watch


If your entrepreneur friend is a fitness enthusiast, you can gift him/her a GPS watch or fitness tracker to keep track of their steps and calories burned.

Choose any gift from this list and delight your entrepreneur friends on your special day. Give us a ring to order the best Cake for Corporate in Gurgaon.



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