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Cake Themed Party


You will agree that cake cutting is one of the most cherished time during any of the occasion you celebrate. Cake is a piece of craftsmanship, that delight your taste buds. Cake is generally required in most of the themed parties planned be it a child’s birthday party or its you celebrating your anniversary or cards party during Diwali etc. Now in this e-commerce age ordering a cake has become a delight, you can order the delicious cakes sitting at home however confusion creeps in while choosing the right cake as per the party theme. Now with so much of variety available in the market, finalising the one for you event takes good amount of imagination. In this article we have shared few options which you would like to consider for your next occasion.

Here we go.

# If your daughter is turning a year old (age-3-8 years)

Decision generally remains simple in this. Now a day, Barbie Cakes and Elsa and Anna (Frozen) themed cakes are quite popular among girls. They look fabulous and perfectly suits the theme of your little princess birthday theme. Cake can be in the form of a Photo cake and also tower cake with a Barbie doll in centre. Such cakes generally remain the centre of attraction and your kid is certain to go heads over heels in love with it.

# If your boy is turning a year old (age—3-8 years)

Visualise how unbelievable and creative it would be to have a photo of your boy’s favourite character over the cake? Surprise him with a Chhotta Bheem themed cake for your chhotta kid and it will surely mesmerise him and his friends. Now a day so much variety of 3D cakes are available which allows you to have a great time choosing a cake, few popular ones are Chhotta Bheem, Spider Man, Tom & Jerry, Doraemon, Dinosaur, Teddy-bear, Super Man, Car cake, hello kitty cake, Aeroplane shape cake, bag cake and many more.

# Is it required for a bachelor’s party

How about making the bachelors party a great fun by including a beer Cake (gravity defining cake), it looks so interesting that your friends surely will go gaga over the experience. It’s a delight to cut such cake and taste beats it all.

# Baby Shower Cakes

Awww it’s such a nice feeling to throw a party on baby shower occasion, beautiful options are available. Cake can be in the fashion of baby bump or cutie tinny baby on top of the designer cake. Check out few great options on

# Is it required for wedding, anniversary or for your valentines

The paramount option to express your heartfelt emotions is to present a heart shaped cake, it can have a personalised message which truly will be an icing on the cake. So much of choice is available which sometimes makes it very difficult to pick the best one as per your liking. Check out few good ones on

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