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DIY refrigerator odorless


Summer vacations are getting over; reality check of the refrigerator may give you a picture which would not look perfect. Vacations means parties at home which must have forced you to stuff your refrigerator with a lot of leftover food which has now started smelling. Need not to worry, there are do it yourself techniques which will keep your fridge odourless at dirt cheap price and you would not require any professional expertise to do it. Best part about the suggested techniques is using the items which are easily available in your kitchen. Try them in the fridge and next time when somebody open the refrigerator door will be welcomed with the fresh fragrance, odour will become the thing of past.

One recommendation before we run the list of steps – as far as possible keep the food in closed containers. Majority of the time, if temperature is low in the refrigerator, foul smell starts coming from different articles and it combines You can then continue deodorizing your fridge with baking soda each other to give a very pungent smell. It’s better to remove the food products which have crossed the expiration date. Regular check on these activities will make sure you don’t have to worry about the foul smell in refrigerator for long time.

 Let’s start with the points which will make your experience of pulling out ingredients from the fridge.

#1 First thing first. For the very first time, clean the refrigerator thoroughly. Switch off the machine, everything must be taken out from it including every single food item, food storage containers etc Let fridge be defrosted completely and meanwhile keep the food in a slightly cool place. Make a thick paste using water and baking soda to clean the shelves and drawers of the fridge. It will remove all the stains and best part is odour will not trouble you anymore.

#2 Once step-1 is completed, put the container of the baking soda (open off-course) inside the refrigerator. Baking soda is a DIY solution to absorb foul smell.

#3 Worse come to worst, still foul smell persists, we have a solution for this situation as well. Place freshly ground coffee in an open container in the fridge. It absorbs the foul smell even more effectively.

#4 It’s all set now, put back the food, shelves, containers etc back in fridge. Switch on the power. Keep the temperature optimum. If temperature is on the higher side, food will be spoiled faster and fridge will start stinking again. In case temperature is kept very cold, it will impact your electricity bill directly. Keep the temperature optimum.

#5 To give perfect aroma coming out of the refrigerator, vanilla can be very effective – spread it over cotton wool well and keep inside the fridge for half a day. It will help to spread a fresh and lovely aroma.

Hope this trick will help you a lot the way it helps us to keep our refrigerator odourless. For more DIY techniques in kitchen, subscribe for newsletters on We are online cake delivery store in Gurgaon. Talk to us @ +91 989-9988-185.



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