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Cake Storage Guidelines

Cake Storage Guidelines: Learn How to Store & Preserve Your Cakes for Days

Enjoy Yummy Cakes at your Doorstep with Online Bday Cake Delivery in Gurgaon

Imagine this scenario: you’ve ordered a delicious party cake to celebrate a special occasion. You get it delivered right at your doorstep with an online bday cake delivery in Gurgaon from Gurgaon Bakers.

It’s time to party. You light the candles and the birthday boy or girl blows the candle and cuts the cake. You then pass around slices of the yummy cake to your guests. Your guests enjoy the cake and then go ahead with the rest of the celebrations. Now, you’re leftover with a half-eaten cake.

Wondering how best to store this yummy cake so that you can enjoy it later? We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to storing party cakes. This storage guide works for all cake types – fresh cream cakes, buttercream cakes, fondant cakes, and fruit cakes. We break it into different sections so that you can know how to store different cakes.

Refrigerating Party Cakes

Refrigerating Party Cakes

Should you or shouldn’t you to store cakes in the fridge? Ideally, you can leave any cake – frosted or unfrosted, cut or uncut – at room temperature, if you plan to consume it in a couple of days. You need to refrigerate the cake only during hot summer days, as the heat can make the icing gooey and runny.

Here are the thumb rules to follow:

Freezing Party Cakes

Freezing Party Cakes

You can store cakes in the freezer to keep them fresh for long. Generally, oil-based cakes store better than butter-based ones. Before freezing cakes, cover each layer with plastic wrap. Make sure that the plastic covers all sides of the cake – top, sides and bottom. Before serving, take out the cake and let it thaw on the counter. You can also heat the cake for 30 seconds in your microwave before serving to make it moist and fresh again. However, note that heating frosted cakes in the microwave make the icing runny and messy.

Storing Frosted Cakes

Storing Frosted Cakes

Frosted cakes are easy to store as the frosting acts as a barrier protecting the insides of the cake.

That’s it. Do not let your party cakes go spoilt. Use the storage guidelines listed here to enjoy them for days after the party is over

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