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Cake Trends


Just like fashion, trends in cakes change from year to year. As we come to the end of 2018, let’s take a look at the most popular cake trends that dominated our social media feeds in 2018. 

Scroll on for gorgeous cakes that look like they should belong in a museum.

1. Botanical Flavours

Move over fruity flavours. 2018 was all about floral notes. From rose, lavender to hibiscus and others, this year there were plenty of cakes using flowers not just for decorating but to add to the flavour. Flower power adds a subtle yet mysterious botanical flavour to regular everyday cakes transforming them into something truly delectable, and a treat for the taste buds.

2. Healthy Cakes

The healthy baking trend has caught on big time in 2018. In fact, healthy baking became the “new normal,” and everyone from home bakers to major food magazines was jumping in on this bandwagon. More and more bakers are swapping sugar, flour, and butter for healthier alternatives.

Gluten-free cakes, paleo cakes, keto cakes – the list was all about healthy desserts this year. Yogurt, zucchini, almond flour, chickpeas flour, millet flours, coconut sugars – we expect the healthy baking trend to continue next year too.

3. Paint Stroke Cakes

Made famous on Instagram by cake designer Kalabasa, these captivating cakes were a huge hit in 2018. The gorgeous design, bold colours, made these cakes a huge hit in wedding circles. With an endless array of colours and designs using candy melts, the paint stroke cakes are perfect for all occasions from formal wedding receptions to fun kiddy birthday parties.

4. Edible Art

These are a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. There were plenty of hand-painted cakes with incredible attention to detail. From tropical leaves to bright florals – the options were endless. Another similar trend this year was the watercolour effect cakes. Easy to decorate, these cakes were a huge hit.

5. Black Cakes

While the most conservative people don’t like the idea of their special occasion cake being black, recent trends proved otherwise. There were plenty of stunning, dark black cakes with contrasting colours and bold decorations making the rounds this year.

6. Nearly Naked Cakes

If the idea of loading up on hundreds of calories with too much icing isn’t up your alley – then you will love this trend. As the name implies, these cakes are minimally decorated with just the right amount of icing. They aren’t too sweet, thereby making the flavours of the base layers shine through.

7. “Cheese” Cake

We are sure you would have probably seen this cake popping up on your Pinterest board. We believe that the “cheese” cake trend will be bigger in 2019. “Cheese” cake isn’t the traditional cheesecake made with sweet cream cheese.

Instead, it’s actual wheels of cheese stacked to resemble a traditional tiered cake. This cake found plenty of takers, especially among couples who love and adore cheese. The wheels of cheese are tastefully decorated with bright cut fruits, making for the perfect combination to indulge in.

8. Single-Tiered Cakes

There are some trends that never go out of style, and this is one such trend. More and more people opted for a single, small but elegant one-tiered cake in 2018. The best part about this trend is that – it’s budget friendly and you can order multiple cakes in various flavours.

9. Geometric Shapes

Round cakes are so passé. 2018 was all about bold geometric cakes in bright contrasting colours. Square tiers, hexagons, pentagons, and irregularly shaped cakes were all the rage this year.

10. Snow-white Cakes

This cake was the show-stopper in the Royal Wedding of this year. Megan Markle and Prince Harry opted for a traditional white on white cake with intricate textures. Since then, this trend has caught on immensely.

A plain white cake may appear boring or even dull. But, that isn’t the case. With interesting textures created with royal icing, this one’s a stunner.

11. Gold is In

There were plenty of bold metallic cakes. From full-on blingy cakes to gold accents, metallic shades were a huge hit this year. And, it looks like this trend is going nowhere. Expect to see more metallic tones in 2019 – burnt copper, fiery reds, platinum silver will be the trendy cake colours of next year.

12. Letter Cakes

This was a new trend to hit the cake world this year. People were spelling out their love with letter cakes. These are individual cakes shaped to look like various letters of the alphabet. The best part – these cakes are naked cakes with icing used only for embellishments. Perfect for those who aren’t overly fond of icing or fondant.

13. Traditional Flavours

This was another huge cake trend of 2018. More and more home bakers and professional bakers were experimenting with non-conventional cake flavours. Rasamalai cakes, gajar halwa, gulab jamun – 2018 was all about adding traditional desi flavours to birthday and wedding cakes.

14. Mermaid and Unicorn Cakes

This is another trend that doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon. There were plenty of mermaid and unicorn cakes in pastel colours. From cupcakes to milkshakes, birthday cakes to wedding cakes – both these themes were the most popular cake themes of this year.

15. Succulent Cakes

This was indeed a pretty trend. You could see gorgeous succulent-style icing piped on regular cakes as well as cupcakes. With the soaring popularity of Russian icing tips, succulents were easy to create on cakes.

16. Surprise Money Cakes

You would have come across these cakes on your feed. The person pulls out a long wad of cash notes rolled inside the cake. This one was a favourite order, especially for adult birthday parties.

Which of these Styles do you Like?

These were the top cake styles for this year. Which one of these styles do you think will carry on next year and which ones will go out of style?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. And, if you are looking to order any of these trending cakes in Gurgaon, all you have to do is give us a ring at +91-989-9988-185.



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