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birthday party themes


Is a loved one’s birthday coming up? Don’t settle for the same old balloons and party hats! Instead, get creative with this list of the most creative and unique birthday party themes that are trending right now.

We know deciding on the theme for a birthday party is a huge challenge. This is why, we’ve collected some of the most interesting themes around, to help you and your guests enjoy the big day.

And, for the most awesome themed birthday cakes in Gurgaon, you know where to turn. Just specify your birthday theme, and our creative cake artists will create a stunning culinary delight that will serve as the centerpiece of your event. We also provide complete birthday party catering, including return gifts.

Here are some great theme ideas to make your birthday parties a Grand Success:

Farm Festivities

This one is a great theme not only for kids but adults too. Rustic farm styled cakes with some fun farm games for the adults, whereas a petting zoo works great for the little ones. And don’t forget to throw in a few hay bales to recreate the rustic farm atmosphere.

Rainbow Party

This is one of the easiest but hugely popular birthday themes out there. All you need are a few colourful streamers, and you’ve got the décor sorted out. Additionally, you can opt to serve fruits and drinks in vibrant rainbow colours to add to the theme.

Mermaid Merriment

This one’s a favourite with little girls and not-so-little girls. After all, you’re never too old to be a mermaid. The colours to use for this them are purple and deep blue. Make sure to serve plenty of seafood to get the theme going. Additionally, you can make a crown made of seashells for the birthday girl, instead of a party hat.

Camping Fun

Everyone has fond memories of camping nights. This theme is sure to bring squeals of delight not only among the kids but also among the adult attendees. Perfect for summer birthdays! Set up the party inside a large tent or take it outside to the garden. Spread large blankets and pillows on your backyard and set up an impromptu campsite.

If you’ve got space to get a campfire going, then make sure to add s’mores, marshmallows and chocolates for some authentic campsite fun.

Movie Night

Choose the all-time favourite movie of the person celebrating his/her birthday. Then center your theme on this movie. Make sure to set up a home theater, rent a projector and screen the movie. You can serve the birthday cake as a mid-movie treat. And, don’t forget the popcorn and colas.

Beach Bash

This is another theme that’s perfect for summer birthdays. Who doesn’t love to celebrate turning a year older, by the waves? If you don’t have a real beach in your place, skip the waves, but recreate the oceany fun right at home by serving beach mocktails, crispy and salty seaside snacks, etc.

Additionally, you can rent a sandbox and get your guests building sand castles, just like they would do at a regular beach. Add some beach balls and groovy music to get the party going.

Dinosaur Jam

If you have kids who love the big prehistoric mammals, then this theme is a perfect fit for them. Instead, of the classic pin the tail on the donkey, you can play pin the tail on the T-Rex for a fun yet themey game. For return gifts, send small dinosaur toys with each kid.

Prom Passion

This one is perfect for adults who love to look back at their teenage years fondly. Punch bowls, cheesy music, elaborate dresses and posed pictures – are the ways to rock the prom theme. Make sure you let your guest know the dress code. Get them to come in their formal best for a truly vintage vibe. If you’re into crafts and arts, you can make DIY boutonnieres and corsages to give to each guest.

A Classy, Cocktail Reception

This is one of the best themes for adult only birthday parties. Make sure that you order boozy birthday cakes and cupcakes to keep spirits high. Additionally, you can set up an open bar, and even get a bartender to serve you some trendy cocktails.

Karaoke Parties

If the birthday boy or girl loves karaoke, then this one is a great theme to choose. Make a playlist of the favourite songs of the person celebrating his/her birthday. Then, let each guest get a chance to sing along with the birthday kid or adult.

Art-y Fun

Art themed birthday parties are so much fun to plan and celebrate. There are tons of ideas on the internet. You can adapt the games and activities based on the age of the birthday kid. For older kids, you can provide easels, paints, and papers and get the kids to create their own masterpieces, which also double up as a great take-home gift.

For smaller kids, you can use food colouring as paint. Provide each guest with small, white iced cakes and get them to decorate it. The decorated cakes also make for a great party snack.

A Party fit for Royalty

If your kids are into prince and princess, then this is a great theme. You can either choose a single character from your kid’s favourite movie or go in for a general royal party. Make sure to include paper crowns, tiaras, paper swords, and other such stuff to get into the theme.

Board Game Bash

This one works well for older kids and adults. You can set up individual game stations and get your guests to play their favourite games. Make sure to keep snacks supplied to all the game stations to keep the gamers full while engaging in their long quests.

Runway Romp

This one is perfect for kids who are into fashion. You can set up a runway at home and get kids to catwalk on it in their Sunday best. Make the birthday girl/boy as the showstopper.

Sleepover Parties

This one’s a big hit with both boys and girls. After all, who doesn’t like having their friends stay over? Provide lots of comfy pillows, and you can even get your guests to construct a blanket fort. And, have a pancake birthday cake served on the next morning.

Which One is your Favourite?

Now, that we’ve given you a list of themes, it’s time to get planning! Make sure to consider the décor, food choices, weather on the day of the party, while deciding the theme. And, check out our gallery for some of the best designer birthday cakes in Gurgaon.

Happy birthday partying!



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