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Cherish your loving bond with your sibling with RakshaBandhan Cakes

RakshaBandhan is one of those unique celebrations in India that transcend religion and is widely celebrated across the country’s length and breadth. Traditionally, RakshaBandhan is celebrated on the full-moon day in the month of Shravan, according to the Hindu calendar. This year, Rakhi falls on Monday, 3rd August. With just a couple of weeks left, it’s time to start planning your Rakhi celebrations.

It celebrates and cherishes the special bond between siblings. Having a brother or sister to grow up is one of the most precious joys of life. When you have a brother/sister, you are guaranteed a pal for life. Irrespective of whether you’re 10 or 50, you can be sure that you can lean on your brother/sister when life gets tough. You are assured that they always have your back.

The word “RakshaBandhan” translates to “Thread of protection.” The tradition of tying rakhi on your brother’s wrist on this auspicious day symbolises the bond of love, protection, and security enjoyed by siblings.

Traditionally, the sister ties the rakhi on her brother’s wrist and performs an aarti for him, praying for his health and well-being. The brother, in return, takes an oath to protect his sister from all evils. Following this, both the brother and sister take turns feeding each other with a sweet delicacy.

Though the core ceremony remains the same, the festival has taken a modern approach in recent times. Siblings today exchange gifts along with the rakhi. Instead, of the traditional sweet, siblings today cut a cake together to mark the occasion.

And, what better way to celebrate this cherished bond, than with a delicious mouth-watering cake? Now, you can order special rakhi Cakes in Gurgaon from Gurgaon Bakers, the top gourmet bakers in Gurgaon and have them delivered right at your doorstep.

Top 5 best-selling cakes for Rakhi 2020

RakshaBandhan is a close-to-the-heart celebration for all our team members here at Gurgaon Bakers. To make this day even more colourful and memorable, we have crafted an extensive selection of cakes to commemorate this occasion.

1. Photo Cake


There is something special and nostalgic about photo cakes. Photos capture a special moment and freeze it for eternity. Now, you can relive the special memories with your sibling by ordering a custom photo cake. You can include a collage of photos of you and your brother/sister. Our photo cakes are available in a variety of flavours – vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, butterscotch, and seasonal flavours like mango, litchi, kiwi, and more.

2. Surprise Inside Cake


This is one of the biggest cake trends this year. As the name implies, these cakes hide a special surprise inside them. When you look at the cake, it looks just like a regular cake. But, when you cut the cake, you can find the surprise hidden inside.

For Rakhi, you can hide the rakhi and your brother/sister’s gift inside the cake. Imagine the surprise in their face when they find the gift inside a delicious cake. Like the photo cake, the surprise inside cake can also be made in any flavour of your choice.

3. Money Roll Cake


Traditionally, sisters demand cash from their brothers after they tie the rakhi. If you have a younger sister who is always asking you for some pocket money, then this cake makes for the perfect gift.

Wads of cash in various denominations are rolled inside the cake. When your sister pulls out the plaque on top of the cake, she would be delighted with the rolls of cash she finds inside. Besides adding a fun element to the celebration, money roll cakes make for a great Insta-worthy post.

4. ChocoliciousRakhi Cake


Is your brother a chocoholic? Then, this cake makes for a perfect gift for all the choco lovers. It’s made of a delicious chocolate sponge cake frosted with thick chocolate ganache. Adding to the chocolicious theme, the cake is finished with an edible rakhi made with rich dark chocolate. This cake is sure to take your brother to choco lover’s paradise.

5. Cupcake Bouquet


Express your love and gratitude for your sibling with this delicious edible bouquet of cupcakes. Traditionally, brothers and sisters exchange floral bouquets on Rakhi. Though pretty, these flowers wilt and dry in a couple of days. This RakshaBandhan, present your sibling with a beautiful bouquet that will never wither.

Yes, our cupcake bouquets look just like regular floral bouquets. The twist is that – each flower in the bouquet is made of a cupcake frosted with colourful buttercream icing. Your brother/sister will surely enjoy this tasty treat.

Rakhi Cakes from Gurgaon Bakers


Sibling love is one of the purest forms of love. It is unconditional and true. This Rakhi, we have created an array of special cakes to mark this joyful day. Some of our available flavours include – sinful chocolate, truffle temptation, classic vanilla, butterscotch delight, dreamy strawberry, red velvet rhapsody, and more.

You can order a customised Cakes in Gurgaon by sending us the details on Whatsapp or giving us a ring. We offer custom cakes, tea cakes, jar cakes, cupcakes, and more. As the top baker in Gurgaon, we provide a wide range of designs and flavours to suit all budgets and preferences.

We know that no two siblings are the same. That is why we offer complete customisation. Whether you want a small cupcake bouquet for a small house party or a big grand cake, we’ve got it all. Our cakes are freshly made with the best ingredients. Our Rakhi-themed fondant cakes are a big hit with the younger ones because of their eye-catching design and quality. Besides full-sized cakes, we also offer 6 or 12 rakhi-themed cupcakes in a box.

Special Home Delivery Anywhere in Gurgaon

Just connect with us on Whatsapp/call, place your orders for Rakhi cakes, and complete the payment. Our cakes are delivered promptly at your doorstep, anywhere in Gurgaon, right on time for your celebrations.

So, this Rakhi, don’t stop with just tying a rakhi on your brother’s wrist. Instead, beat away the lockdown blues with a delicious customised Rakhi cake home delivered by Gurgaon Bakers. So, what are you waiting for? Book your rakhi cakes today, and enjoy the memorable occasion.



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