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We supply few dozen cakes every day, most frequently asked question from our esteemed customers at the time of delivery is how do we need to keep the Cake fresh, whether should we refrigerate it, how to wrap it and so on. In this article we have shared our thoughts on it. This is articulated considering a general climate.

There are different situations coming your way like cake is frosted and still to be cut or it’s unfrosted and uncut which has to be kept fresh etc. There are few permutations possible which have been captured well in this article. After reading it, you should be in a position to keep the cakes safe from drying out, also left overs will remain fresh for couple of days.

 Tips for  keep the cakes safe from drying out

# Cake is neither frosted nor cut

Cake which is unfrosted and uncut, its recommended to wrap it tightly from all sides in plastic wrap. Wrapped ones can be kept around a week however one most important thing to consider is that it has to be kept at the room temperature. Just in case you anticipate to consume it after a week, you must freeze the wrapped cake. Way to refrigerate is covered well below.

# Cake is frosted and is Un-Cut

A frosted cake which is yet un-cut can be kept for 3-5 days however it has to be kept at room temperature. To protect it from dust and other foreign particles, cover it with some cake enclosure. Wrapping it with plastic sheet may not be a good idea as it will spoil the frosting. If climate allows, keeping it in microwave can be a good option!

# Irrespective cake is Frosted or Unfrosted, its cut and has to be kept fresh

This is the trickiest situation and the most common one also. On making a cut, moisture in the cake starts seeping out which results in cake becoming stale more quickly. One way to handle such situation is if extra frosting is available, cover the cut portion with it. Second way is to stick the plastic wrap on the cut portion, make sure it sticks well and chances of air passing through doesn’t exist. Then proceed with casing and storing the cake as for the un-cut version detailed above. In normal room temperature, cut cake sustains for about 3 days.

# When cake should be refrigerated?

During summers in India, apartment temperature is generally above the room temperature, it’s better to refrigerate the cake. Also if you anticipate the consumption of cake after 3-4 days, again it’s better to store the cake in refrigerator.

For un-frosted Cakes – Wrap them well in plastic sheet before putting them in refrigerator. At the time of serving it, unpack it to warm up on the counter.

For frosted cakes – First you need to chill the cake (un-wrapped) for 20 mins, it will make the icing hard, after its hardened it can be wrapped in the plastic wrap and refrigerate it.

For such amazing tips and tricks, keep on checking the insight section. We are doing online Cake delivery in Gurgaon and reachable @ | +91 989-9988-185.



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