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Flat Cake


Has this happened with you that you whipped cake batter, transferred it wisely in the cake pan and baked it in the oven. You started getting a feeling perfect cake is there in the offering however during the baking process or maybe after the container has been pulled out, cake begins to fall flat in the middle. It spoils the mood and worst part reason is not known for getting a sunken cake in your hands.

That’s a problem which we discussed, after reading this article you will have the knowhow of keeping a cake from falling and even to salvage a sunken cake. Isn’t it a cheery on the top! There can be several reasons for fallen cakes however there are several solutions as well so need not worry. Let’s check out what the possibilities exists for a fallen cake.

# Moisture isn’t right

If moisture in the batter is too little or on the higher side, it brings problem in the cake baking. Less moisture makes it fall in the centre and high moisture affects the composure of cake badly. Humidity in environment is absorbed by ingredients like flour.

Let’s come to the solution part now – follow the recipe perfectly (ingredients weight), you must measure the weight rather than relying on measuring the ingredients by cups. In humid climate, its advisable to keep dry ingredients in the freezer, it safeguards the ingredients and they are not effected by humidity.

# Did you mix properly

One most common mistake is when ingredient like egg is not added at the right time, it can easily result in fallen cake.

As a recommended solution it’s better to keep ingredients ready (pre-cut, prepared and measured).

# Oven temperature

Oven temperature can be another factor which results in fallen cake. Most of the cakes bake best at 350 F range +/- 25 degrees. Don’t goof up on this part, set it a per the recommended one.

# You pulled out Cake which was Under-baked

It’s always recommended to use cake tester to check if cake is baked enough. Lot of times it gets puffed up and has perfect golden colour on the top however it sinks in on pulling it out early. Rely on tester for checking its readiness.

# Emulsification can have a serious impact

It is combining and binding two substances that normally don’t adhere, as an example you can consider butter and liquid. Go totally as per the recipe to get the sure shot good cake.

# Too much of baking soda and powders

Too much of Baking soda and powder can really be bad for the cake, it can cause a cake to rise very rapidly in the oven, however it falls dramatically as well after a while.

What to do with the fallen cake?

Despite taking all the measures, cake went flat in the middle, now can we do something to take the salvage out. If cake is baked through, there are multiple things which can be done. If cake is under baked or too much of baking soda has gone in it, its recommended to start with the fresh one.

If cake has fallen but is then fine, you can try razing the cake to make it even. It’s quite possible to use it as a base in slightly thinner cake.

If the cake is sunken too far, the cake itself is still suitable for a countless of tasty uses, from ice cream topping to the filling for homemade cake pops.

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