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Delivering Cakes Safely


Ok, you have spent hours – planning, designing and creating a gorgeous edible masterpiece cake. Now, comes the final hour – the nerve-wracking process of delivering it safely from your kitchen to the venue. While delivering a cake may seem simple at first glance, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

You need to plan carefully, every tiny inch of the transit to avoid any mishaps. Additionally, you need to have the right tools on hand to save last minute accidents that may occur. 

Worry not, today we give you a comprehensive guide on delivering cakes safely.

1. Pre-delivery Checklist

Pre delivery

Delivering cakes is not a single-step process. There are multiple things to do. So, make sure that you plan ahead to streamline the process. When you start preparing a cake, don’t stop your planning with the baking and decorating. Make sure to include the final stage – delivery – in the planning process itself.

Here are a few questions to consider: How will the cake reach the venue? Will, the customer, collect the cake at your kitchen, or should you deliver it at the customer’s doorstep.

Here are the top items to include in your pre-delivery cake checklist:

  • Venue to be delivered.
  • Driving directions from your place to the venue.
  • Parking availability at the venue.
  • Contact number and name of the person, who is in charge of collecting the cake at the venue.
  • The distance you will have to walk from the parking spot to the display table. If possible, check out the venue beforehand, so you get a clearer picture of the available space and other restrictions.
  • How many people do you need to carry the cake? Do you require a trolley to transport the cake from your vehicle to the display table?
  • Decide on the time you need to deliver the cake. The general rule of thumb is to deliver the cake a couple of hours before the event, so you’ve got ample time cushioned in for traffic delays and other unexpected emergencies.
  • Do you need other props for the cake display? If yes, make sure to pack them along with the cake, so you don’t forget it.

2. Packing the Cake for Transportation

Packing cake

Whether you are transporting a multi-tiered cake or a cake with different structural elements in it, here are the rules to follow:

  • Always transport the cake in separate tiers and assemble it at the venue.
  • If you aren’t available at the venue for assembly, then you can transport a pre-stacked cake. However, make sure that it isn’t too tall. Transporting very tall cakes (more than 3 – 4 tiers is always a risk).
  • If transporting multi-tier cakes, make sure that you dowel it properly, at least 8 hours in advance. Apart from dowels for individual tiers, use a centre dowel that goes through all the layers.
  • Always transport multi-tier cakes in strong cake boxes. You can bring these boxes back with you, as they can be re-used for other customers.
  • Use good quality thick cake boards before placing the cake in the cake box. This will prevent the cake from shifting during transportation.
  • Keep all extra embellishments like – cake toppers, fondant figurines, sugar flowers in a separate box. And, assemble these at the venue.

3. Getting the Cake into the Delivery Vehicle

Delivery Vehicle

Now that you’ve boxed the different tiers – either separately or stacked – it’s time to get the cake into the delivery vehicle.

  • Make sure that the car is clean and free from other odours.
  • The best place to place the cake is the flat surface of the boot. Don’t place cake boxes on the seat.
  • To avoid the cake from moving around in the boot, use a non-slip mat. Exercise mats, yoga mats are great for this.
  • Another trick to prevent the cake box from moving is to use empty cake boxes surrounding the main box. You can also use folded up towels for this purpose.
  • Finally, always carry a simple decorating and cake repair kit with you. Also, it’s a great idea to carry a few extra decorations, prepared icing and other tools that you may require to add finishing touches to the cake at the venue.

4. The Drive to the Venue

Drive Venue

Ok, the cake is in the boot. Now, it’s time to start the ignition.

  • If you have a “Cake on Board” sign, you can put it on the back window. This helps other drivers know that you are carrying fragile cargo. You can easily make this sign using things you have lying around the house.
  • Make sure to know the venue directions and always take the safest route. Avoid shortcuts as they are more likely to have unpaved and bumpy roads.
  • And, remember to drive carefully. Avoid speeding, applying sudden brakes and anything that may topple the cake.

5. At the Venue

At the Venue

Once you reach the venue, make sure to inform the right person.

  • Before you start unpacking the cake boxes from the boot, head inside and check out whether the delivery table is ready and set up.
  • Make sure the table is level, before setting up the cake.
  • While carrying the cake from the vehicle to the display table, make sure that way is clear.
  • Get help from others at the venue to help you carry the cake carefully. You can also ask for a delivery trolley if it’s available.

6. Assembling the Cake at the Venue

Assembling Cake

This is the final stage. You have almost completed the process.

  • Double check whether the table is level. You can also use a spirit level to check it. You don’t want to set up your masterpiece on a wonky table.
  • Remove the cakes from the boxes. Instead, of lifting the cake out of the box, unfold the sides of the box, and slide your cake out.
  • Start assembling the cake. It’s time to pull out your decorating and repair kit.
  • Arrange the decorations according to your design.
  • Once you have set-up the cake and you are happy with it, make sure to click a good photo of your creation to add to your cake gallery.

Finally, drive home, relax with a slice of your favourite cake and pat yourself for a job well done.

Happy Cake Delivering

If delivering cakes turns you into a ball of nervous energy, stop, breathe and take a minute to get calm. You have come so long, you can go the extra mile. Cheers!

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