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Recently, we came across a news article that states that you should reconsider accepting the slice of cake served to you at birthday parties. As avid cake lovers, that was like a bolt out of the blue for us. After all, who in the whole world would reject a piece of yummy birthday cake, topped with delicious icing?

The news article stated the results of a study by a team of researchers from Clemson University, in South Carolina. According to the study, researchers found that blowing out birthday candles on a cake, increased the bacteria count on the cake by a whopping 1400%.

This study got us thinking. So, for all you germaphobes out there, who are considering avoiding birthday cake servings because of the bacteria count on it, here, we present you with innovative, germ-free ways to blow out candles.

Now, you can have the cake and eat it too!

What’s the Idea behind Blowing Candles on a Birthday Cake?

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This tradition was started centuries ago in Germany. As the Germans were renowned candle makers, they started placing fancy, artistic candles on and around the cake. The idea was that the light represented life.

And, the tradition of making a wish before blowing candles also started around this time. You had to make a wish and blow the candles. If you could blow all the candles in a single puff, then it was believed that the smoke would travel upwards and take your wishes to heaven, thereby making it come true.

Ok, so should you stop putting candles on the birthday cake because it spreads germs?

Ummm! No, check out these innovative germ-free ways to blow candles on a cake.

1. Use your Hand Power

Most food glitter is made from sugar and cornstarch along with other colour additives. It’s safe to eat, however, if your glitter container contains the words, “only for decorative purposes,” or “non-toxic,” then it’s time to pause.

Check this guy illustrating this step here:

2. Use a Strawberry as a Candle Stand

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Here’s another trick that you could do. Insert the birthday candles on strawberries and arrange them artistically on the cake. Light up the candles and make a wish as usual. And, when it’s time to blow the candles, take the strawberry candle stand and bring it close to the mouth of the birthday girl/boy, away from the cake, and have them blow on it.

Problem solved – you get to blow birthday candles, without spreading germs on the cake.

3. Order Two Cakes

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When you order birthday cakes, make sure to order two – one small cake for the birthday girl/boy to blow out candles, and another big cake for the other guests to enjoy. This way you restrict the spread of germs on the cake that you serve to guests.

4. Quirky Products to Your Rescue

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There are a few innovative products on the market that help you solve this problem. One is the Slobber Stopper. It’s a reusable, collapsible transparent cake cover that you place on top of the birthday cake. The candles go on top of the cover, so that you blow out candles, without spreading bacteria and saliva on the cake. Other inventions include the Cake Guard and the Candle Blower.

Which of these tips and tricks are you likely to try? Or do you belong to the school of thought that exposure to germs is a good thing?

Whatever be it, don’t let germs hold you back from enjoying a yummy, delightful slice of birthday cake. And, for the best birthday cakes in Gurgaon, place your orders here and let the fun celebrations begin!



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