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pinata cakes from gurgaon bakers

Pinata Cakes From Gurgaon Bakers – Order Cake Delivery Now!

Pinata cakes seem to have taken over the party scene in and around Gurgaon! They are trending in every party across the town! How did these ‘kids’ favorite’ catch the top spot? Our favorite baker, Gurgaon Bakers, tells you why!

Cakes and desserts are an essential part of any party and they are a great way to make it even more special. Especially with birthdays, the hosts want the best cake for the party and are looking at various online service providers to order cake delivery. It can be anything from a special birthday cake with a design and shape that is unique and special, to a simple cake that is made with the tastiest ingredients. Keeping up with that tradition, Pinata Cakes have emerged as an interesting trend and become a popular choice for parties and celebrations. They have made their way to the market and are now being served at various parties.

What Are Pinata Cakes?

Pinata is a Spanish word that means a small pot that is filled with sweets and it is used as a kind of toy during celebrations and parties. The origins of this tradition dates back to the colonial era of Mexico when the Spanish settlers used the pinatas during events and celebrations.

Pinata cakes are created on similar lines where a firm chocolate shell is filled with yummy sweets inside to make the cake cutting, sorry ‘cake smashing’, even more interesting. Pinata cakes are usually delivered along with a small toy hammer to smash the ‘Pinata’ to reveal the delectable sweet inside.

Check out Gurgaon Bakers’ smashing new collection of Pinata Cakes and order cake delivery online for your party!

Why Are Pinata Cakes Special?

Why Are Pinata Cakes Special

Pinata cakes are a great innovation and can be a fun and unique party food that will surely be remembered. Your birthday boy/girl will be excited to smash open the Pinata cake to reveal the sweet treat inside. While the pinata shell itself is made with delectable chocolate, you can choose to fill the inside with a number of options; cupcakes, candies, chocolates, sweets, flowers, gifts, and many more. The element of surprise makes Pinata cakes even more special.

The outer shell can be a delight in itself! Though the pinata is usually made with chocolate, you can choose it to be in any shape your desire; heart, cupcake, flower, round, square, diamond, or whatever shape you want it in. It can also be decorated with beautiful embellishments like chocolate flowers, ribbons, gems, and more. Our bakers will help you decide the best shell and a suitable filling for your party when you order cake delivery with us.

So, Why Are Pinata Cakes Trending?

Pinata Cakes Trending

Simply because party guests can shout ‘SURPRISE’ much louder than before!

Pinata cakes add a flair of craziness to your party. They are not only a fun party food but can also be a great way to surprise your guests.

Pinata cakes are also a great way to entertain your kids as they enjoy smashing open a cake. It can be the theme of your party or just a fun way to celebrate.

Popular Pinata Cake Flavors From Gurgaon Bakers

popular pinata cake flavors

Pinata cakes have been our bestseller in 2022 so far! Though most of our orders are for kids’ birthday parties, people also order cake delivery for customized Pinata cakes for gender reveal parties, baby showers, anniversary parties, office parties, and more. our top sellers from Pinata cake collection are –

    • 3D Pinata Heart Cake
    • olourful Chocolate Dome Pinata Cake
    • Sphere Pinata Cake
    • White Chocolate Pinata Cake
    • Football Pinata Cake
    • Smashable Heart Cake
    • Viral Pinata Cake

This is only the bestsellers list; be assured that we can customize your Pinata cake in any size and shape with a variety of options available for the filling.

Why Order Pinata Cake Delivery Online With Gurgaon Bakers?

We are the best cake makers for Pinata cakes in Gurgaon! We offer a wide range of Pinata cake designs for your party celebration. You can choose the perfect theme for your party by choosing from our wide range of designs and easily order cake delivery online.

Endless options – We can customize and create Pinata cakes in any shape and size you desire. Our bakers are adept at working with unconventional shapes like heart and ball designs. We are ready to help you with our extensive range of options and design your cake to perfection.

Budget-friendly – Pinata cakes, though look fancy, are easy on your pockets. You can order cake delivery online and get a beautifully crafted Pinata cake for a budget-friendly price.

Friendly doorstep delivery service – You can order cake delivery online through our website in 3 simple steps. Our 100% hygienic and safe delivery partners will ensure that your Pinata cake is delivered fresh and will reach you on time.

Completely customizable Pinata cakes – Our bakers love to create new and fresh designs all the time. You are more than welcome to come up with your own ideas for your Pinata cake. We would love to customize the cake and give you the best experience with our amazing bakery.

Pinata cakes will make a great addition to your party! We are sure that you will love them! Visit Gurgaon Bakers website and order cake delivery online in easy steps; now just sit back and relax while our bakers create and deliver the yummiest Pinata cake for your party!



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