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Here’s Why You Should You Get Birthday Cake Delivered!

There are many benefits to getting your birthday cake delivered; speed, choice, convenience, safety & hygiene! Gurgaon Bakers are a reputed brand for online cake ordering and to get birthday cakes delivered in and around Delhi. During these Corona times, not many could have a grand birthday party as most bakeries and restaurants were shut down. Now with the market slowly opening up, people have come out to order cakes and pastries in large numbers. Still, many citizens are worried of the crowded shops and refrain from ordering cakes from such establishments.

Enter ‘Online Cake Delivery’, and orders are starting to pile up again! Online cake ordering is simple and convenient. And with netizens scouring the internet for high-quality tasty cakes, leading bakers, like Gurgaon Bakers, are dishing out tasty cakes so that you can get birthday cake delivered, whenever wherever the party is.

Online ordering of birthday cake is simple and convenient. Choose the type of birthday cake you want, the flavor, and the design; you can also add a message or photo to the cake. Then, select the delivery time that works best for you. Your cake is then baked and delivered to your doorstep, all without having to leave your home or kitchen!

You Will Be Spoilt For Choice


One glance at the online cake catalog is enough to make you jump in joy! The choice is limitless! From a simple strawberry cake to a designer Belgian choco truffle cake, party planners are amazed at the sheer number of options available for online cake ordering. And with online websites, these cakes are neatly categorized under specific sections, allowing you to choose a cake that suits the party theme. You can choose the flavor, the size and the design on the cake before you finally place the order. With intuitive website UIs, one can even see beforehand how the final cake would look. Isn’t that a great reason to get your birthday cake delivered?

Convenient, Hassle-Free Shopping Experience


With smartphones and laptops, shoppers can happily shop from the comfort of their home or office for their next birthday cake? You can even share the cake design with your family and friends and get their approval, before placing the order. You can spend hours on finalizing the cake order, without the hassle of waiting and standing in the bakery queue for hours. Gurgaon Bakers even have Whatsapp chat support so you can get your queries cleared with them before placing the order to get birthday cake delivered for any party.

Better Prices


Online ordering removes much of the overhead costs, resulting in competitive pricing for your birthday cakes. You can get an exotic designer cake at a normal cake price range when you choose to order it online and get birthday cake delivered home. It is also fairly simple to compare and research the prices of various cakes online. And there’s no need to waste time on it because all you need to compare, learn, and comprehend is just a click away. There is also first-hand experience information, ratings, and reviews for all of the cakes offered on the internet platform.

Good For Last Minute Parties


Not all birthday parties are pre-planned. You may have to throw a last minute party to your workmate, or plan a surprise party for your friend. In these situations, an online order to get birthday cake delivered to your party venue is a great option. Gurgaon Bakers delivers across Delhi and you can place an order within minutes for your favorite cake!

Great Gift Idea!

great gift idea 1

Feel like the gifts you ordered for the birthday girl or boy is not enough? Feel like something’s amiss! Why not order a yummylicious birthday cake for them and get it delivered to their place? Whether they are the crazy choco lovers or the fruity lychee fans, there is a cake for everyone at Gurgaon Bakers. And what’s more? You can get the birthday cake delivered to them in a safe and hygienic pack, hand delivered by our crew! Check our birthday cakes catalog and get ordering now!

Total Control Over Your Order

From the time of cake selection to cake delivery, you get timely updates on your order. You can buy exactly what you desire. You are not required to select from the shop’s restricted inventory. You have additional options to explore and select for your loved ones to make the occasion memorable and special.

You do not need to be concerned once you decide to get birthday cake delivered. There is constant update on order status. You’ll know when you ordered, what the order’s status is, when it’s expected to arrive, and much more via SMS or Whatsapp.

Multiple Payment Options

This is a primary deciding factor for many shoppers; the available payment options. Starting from credit card, debit card, to UPI, we would like to see all possible options on the checkout page. Online ordering easily accommodates these options for a hassle-free shopping experience.

When you want to surprise someone with a delicious birthday cake, but you don’t want to deal with the hassle of going to a store, the perfect solution is to order online and get birthday cake delivered to the party venue. With just a few simple clicks, you can have a custom-made cake delivered right to your door. Best of all, you don’t have to waste time at the store.

Gurgaon Bakers allows you to customize your cake to match your preferred flavors, colors, and toppings. Call us or message us on Whatsapp to customize and order the perfect cake for your loved one’s birthday!



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