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Pinata Celebration Cakes: Smash a Stunning Pinata Cake & Reveal the Surprise Inside!

The Indian baking scene has evolved tremendously in the last few years. Long gone are the days when birthdays meant the uniform rectangle or square bakery cakes. In cities like Gurgaon, birthday cakes are available in endless designs, themes, and flavors. With the rise in the number of customized bakeries in Gurgaon – today we have umpteen options when it comes to party cakes.

Thanks to social media and online cake delivery in Gurgaon, bakers are able to showcase their designs to the entire world. Drawing inspiration from other bakers, cake trends are one of the biggest viral hits on social media networks.

We have seen several cake trends in the last few years – geode cakes, pull-out money cakes, rainbow cakes, drip cakes, pull-up tsunami cakes, photo cakes, and more. The biggest cake trend right now is the stunning pinata cakes.

What’s a pinata cake?


Well, the idea behind a pinata cake comes from the pinata toy that kids hang up for their birthdays. The word pinata is of Spanish origin and roughly translates to pot. It’s a Mexican/North American tradition, where pots of goodies are hung from a height. Little kids take turns to smash the pot with a long stick, while they’re blindfolded. Yes, the idea is similar to the pot we hang up in our streets for Holi and other traditional festivals.

Pinata cakes started making their appearance around Valentine’s Day 2021. The popular trend of the season was a red heart chocolate pinata that had to be smashed to reveal the hidden goodies inside. Thanks to influencers and celebrities, pinata cakes soon became the viral cake trend. From the best online bakery to home bakers, everyone started jumping in on the trend.

What's in a pinata cake?


A pinata cake generally consists of a hard chocolate shell on the outside. The outer chocolate shell is typically in the shape of a heart, sphere, or half-sphere. The outside chocolate shell is decorated with sprinkles, fondant accessories, ribbons, or frosting. The inside of the shell hides the surprise goodies. It can be anything – candies, chocolates, flowers, macaroons, cupcakes, hand-written notes, greeting cards or any other gift.

The idea is to smash the cake with a toy hammer (that comes along with the cake). The hammer breaks the exterior chocolate shell to reveal the hidden surprise inside

Why is the pinata cake trending?


Simply put, it adds a unique fun-element to the cake cutting ceremony. Instead, of cutting the cake with a knife, the birthday boy/girl gets to smash the cake with a hammer. It adds fun excitement to the party – as everyone is curious to see what’s inside.

Pinata cakes are a huge hit among all generations – from kids to teens, adults to seniors. After all, is there anyone who doesn’t like a surprise gift?

Creative Pinata Cake Ideas


Initially, when pinata cakes started trending – the heart chocolate shell was the only design. Today, thanks to the creativity of bakers at the best cake shops, pinata cakes are available in stunning designs. Some of our favourite designs include:

  • Globe Pinata Cake
  •  Mickey/Minnie Mouse Head Pinata Cake
  • Disco Ball Pinata Cake
  • Cute Animal Head Pinata Cake
  • Harry Potter Pinata Cake

With pinata cakes trending right now, we’re excited to see how this trend will evolve in the coming months. Have you ever tried a pinata cake? If no, what are you waiting for? Open Google and search for “pinata chocolate cake delivery near me,” to find the best cake shop near you and place your orders.

For all you Gurgaon folks, head to our gallery of best pinata cakes in Gurgaon and select your favorite design. Complete the order online and enjoy a stunning pinata cake delivered to your doorstep within the next few hours!



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