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write greetings cake


If beautiful and clean drawn greetings on cake amazes you and you are interested to know how its managed so nicely, you are at the right webpage. It’s a straight forward process if done correctly. It is definitely not difficult which the final result gives you the impression.

Following is to be adhered to for piping a very beautiful message wishing someone on his/ her birthday or anniversary.

#1 Arrange for a pastry bag, fit a fine tip by cutting the rear end with clean scissor. Make sure to keep the opening just wide enough so that tip can fit in. Once this activity is done, fill the piping bag with melted chocolate or coloured frosting (room temperature).

#2 You can use a normal tooth pick to mark the start and end of each word, keep it in the straight line. It will help you to centre the words when you finally start to pipe them.

#3 Once words are marked properly, use the same toothpick to trace each and every letter on the frosting top. Initially you may not be able to do it flawlessly however since first its marked and traced on frosting, you can always smooth over the top in case it’s not looking just the perfect. After 3-4 times, it will become an easy task to execute.

#4 Now the main activity of writing on the cake top with piping bag comes. It makes sense to first try it on something else, say a plate. It will help you to practice and get comfortable with the piping bag. It’s important to understand the pressure which needs to be exerted on the piping bag so that right amount of frosting comes out from tip and it looks equal across every alphabet.

#5 Final step – You can now pipe over the frosting on letters you traced. Other hand can be used to keep the bag stable.

That’s it, once the above is followed you can be sure to see a beautiful message on the cake top. For similar cake making and cake decoration ideas, keep visiting insights section in



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