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clean OTG 6 simple steps


The way car is to a racer, OTG has the same significance for any baker, you would agree. It is quite instrumental in baking the great food again and again over the years. Its cleaning is quite important. It seems a complicated piece of electrical device and you may just be wiping it with the wet cloth. This may not be enough. We have shared 6 steps by which you can keep OTG in spick and span condition and you bake most delicious cakes round the year and for many many years. 

Let’s check the steps to keep the OTG in great condition:

#1 Make sure before you start cleaning the OTG, power plug is removed and it is cool. This is a mandatory step and strictly adhere to it.

#2 Second essential step is to remove all the parts which can be dissembled, including racks, trays etc. Keep all the parts submerged in hot water which has soap mixed. This has to be done for around half an hour.

#3 Now in above step all the parts which could dissembled are cleaned up, in this step we will see how to clean the interiors of OTG. For this you will have to make a mixture of vinegar and hot water. Clean the interiors by taking the tissue/ soft cloth soaked from the mixture. Clean it thoroughly. Once this part is done, wipe the inside surface by cleaning it with soft cloth soaked in cold water with lime juice added in it.

#4 There may be some hard stains still left on the rack/ tray etc, to remove them as well prepare a paste which will have 1 Tbsp of baking soda and 1.5 Tbsp of water. This paste is to be applied on the spots, scrub it with a cleaning pad. It will give a great result which surely would amaze you.

#5 Exterior body of the OTG can be cleaned well with hot water with detergent added in it.

#6 Dry components have to put back in their respective places and you are good to go and start baking in your sparkly and clean oven!

Hope you will find this article useful. If you have some suggestions and want to see it in GurgaonBakers insight section, please share it with us. We are looking forward to get your comments to improve it even further and your experience while using this tip.

GurgaonBakers is a leading online cake bakery in Gurgaon. We keep our oven’s clean using above 6 steps! Cheers!



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