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One Year Older, One Year Wiser

When we were young, one of the most anticipated days in the whole year was of course – our birthdays. It meant having a party, where all your friends and relatives came to wish you and shower you with presents, wrapped in shiny paper and tied with a big bow. This was the one day of the year, when you were sure that you wouldn’t get in trouble with your parents, even if you were up to something naughty. And, the best part – your parents and siblings treated you special the whole day.

Ahhhh – those lovely memories. Pretty candles, yummilicious, decadent chocolate cake, beautiful dresses, tons of candy and everything sweet!

So, what happened? Why don’t adults look forward to their birthdays? Why do birthdays pale away as we grow older?

Here, in today’s post, we give you the top reasons why adults should celebrate their birthdays.

Your Birth is your Beginning

Your birthday signifies the day you were born on this planet. Your birthday reminds you that you were born to fulfill a particular mission. Every time your birthday comes, it’s an indicator to tell you that you have to complete your unique mission for which you have been commissioned.

Just as an organization or a nation celebrates it’s beginning, your birth needs to be commemorated. It’s more than a day to receive gifts and treat others. It’s a chance to remember the day a significant event occurred and to reflect on your life’s journey so far.

Celebrating your Birthday is Expressing your Gratitude

It’s an expression of thanks to your Creator. It’s a time to reflect on the past, evaluate your present, and make plans for the coming year. Tell all the special people in your life, who made a difference to your life in the past year and thank them for all their support, encouragement and unconditional love.

It’s a Chance to Start Anew

You may have had a crappy year, but that doesn’t mean the next one should be the same. Your birthday is not only a time to reflect on the past year. It’s also a time to hit the refresher button and start anew. No matter how things went yesterday, you have the capacity to try again. Your birthday is the perfect way to mentally prepare for a refresher.

It’s a Transition for What it Was, to What it is to Be.

It’s a Chance to Connect and Bond with your Friends and Family

In today’s hectic lifestyles and fast-paced living, very often people don’t have the time to connect with their friends. A hello here, a smile there, a quick text message and a short phone call are all that’s possible.

Celebrating your birthday is a way to get together with friends and family that you haven’t connected to in a while.

Above all, it’s an Official Chance to Eat Cake

Yes, birthdays are the one day in the year, when you needn’t worry about diets and healthy eating. Indulge in a delicious slice of cake and stuff yourself with frosting. After all, what better way to turn old than by eating cake.

Celebrate your Birthday, every Year & Live the Best Life

Whether you have a big party or a small, intimate one with your close circle of friends, celebrating your birthdays is a must. Connect with your friends, express your heartfelt gratitude to people who make a difference in your life and indulge in the best cakes.

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