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Valentines Day Cake

Amazing Gift Ideas For Girlfriend – Valentine’s Day Cake, Chocolates & More

Lovers all over the world are gearing up for Valentine’s Day 2022! Many of you have already ordered those jazzy gifts and they are well on their way. A few others have decided what the gift is and are in the safe zone. Sorry for those who are still figuring out how to make this day special for your gal. We at Gurgaon Bakers are a helpful bunch; we don’t just stop at baking amazing Valentine’s Day Cakes; we have a list of girlfriend gift ideas too. We have put together a list of stunning gift ideas we think will impress your loved one and get you the ‘Best Boyfriend’ award!

1. Customized Jewellery

Customized Jewellery
Girls love jewellery and can never have enough of it. But let’s increase the ‘amaze’ quotient with ‘Customized Jewellery’. Go for engraved bracelets and pendants. You can order some customized earrings and rings. The thing is, customized jewellery are now available in a variety of material; from terracotta to gold. So you can choose whatever suits your budget. And girls, they will instantly find a dress or top from their wardrobe that matches the jewellery perfectly.

2. Beauty Gift Sets

Beauty Gift Sets

Show her that you care for her by gifting beauty hampers and combos. Most online retailers have hampers that include natural beauty products for hair & skin care. Find out her skin and hair type and find luxury beauty products to pamper her on the special day. You can be a part of her beauty care regime by getting couple face masks. Get a good DIY facial kit and spend some quality time with her. Don’t forget a good combo of lipsticks, nail enamels and eye shadows if you want to give her the royal treatment.

3. For The Book Lover

Book Lover

Your girl a bookworm? There is a host of gift ideas for her then. Books, of course; from Mills & Boons classics to Sydney Sheldon thrillers, find out what she loves and make a gift set. Apart from books, book lovers would also love scented candles, love seats for their study corner, fancy table lamps, cozy blankets when they are reading those cheesy romances, coffee mugs, and the list goes on. Get ready to splurge for the bibliophile!

Can we suggest a great Valentine’s Day Cake to go with her reading time?

4. Chocolates


The unwritten rule is, you cannot celebrate Valentine’s Day without chocolates! Chocolates are integral to the Valentine’s Day tradition. But you don’t have to get those boring bars and hearts. This year, go for those personalized chocolates with your name or your photo on them. Feeling adventurous, try creating your own flavor; yes, that is possible. Chocolate sculptures and flavor-filled chocolates are some popular forms of chocolate art available for gifting these days.

5. Valentine’s Day Cakes

Valentines Day Cakes

Let’s not forget chocolate cakes. Cakes somewhat complete the occasion. Design a special Valentine’s Day cake for her to show her how much you love her and what she means to you. You can go with exquisitely designed cakes or keep it simple. Gurgaon Bakers have such a wide range of Valentine’s Day Cake and would also love to create something of your design. With so many flavors and high quality ingredients, create a truly wonderful Valentine’s Day Cake for her. You can also have it delivered via our special Valentine’s Day cake and floral delivery service.

6. Smart Devices

Smart Devices
Smart watches and smart assistants make for a good gift too. If your girlfriend is tech savvy and loves technology around the house, these devices will be a hit.

7. Clutches And Handbags

Clutches And Handbags
Designer handbags and clutches are a great addition to their wardrobe. Find a color or style that they have been wanting for some time and get it for them.

8. Perfumes & Fragrances

Perfumes Fragrances

These are another hit with girls. It can also be interpreted as a symbol for subtly generating amorous feelings, as it communicates passion. Select a scent that is both calming and long-lasting. You get bonus points if you get the right fragrance.

9. Gaming Controller

Gaming Controller
Your girl got swag using that game controller? Get her a customized gaming controller and see her eyes go ‘Ga Ga’. Please don’t hold us responsible if this causes complete decimation of you in the next game. Maybe the Valentine’s Day Cake you ordered will help soothe the defeat!

10. DIY Drone Set

Drone Set

They are fun! You can spend hours setting it up together (or she sets it up right in 20 mins; your choice). Mini sized drones can be operated indoors while bigger ones require to be operated in a field or ground. Whatever you choose, it is a nice activity to spend some quality time together.

11. Hobby Kits

Number painting kits, DIY jewellery making kits, candle making, soap making, the choice is endless. Get your girl something that she loves or something that she has wanted to explore for a long time. They are easily available online and come gift wrapped.

Whether this is your first Valentine’s Day or the 30th, this day holds a special place in the life of people in love. It is a day of reassuring your special person of your love and commitment to them and to your relationship. Whatever gift you choose, ensure that it expresses your care and affection for them.

Complete your Valentine’s Day celebration with our special Valentine’s Day cakes. We assure high quality baking with only the best ingredients. Browse through our Valentine’s Day cake designs and place your order online. We promise a safe and hygienic delivery to your doorstep.



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